Fun Fun Fun!


Auntie T meeting you for the first time!

Auntie T meeting you for the first time!

Dear Carter,

You have become so much fun lately! You’re now 8 weeks old and such a big boy! You have beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. You are gaining weight & growing to be a tall baby! You poor thing, you are probably going to go through so many growth spurts since your Dad & I are both tall people. You still sleep so well at night! And, I am so thankful to God (and you) for that! 

 You have been such a blessing to your Dad & me. We adore you! We love every smile, squeak, & coo! I’m so grateful to be your mom. I’m so grateful that your Dad made a way for me to stay home with you. I can’t imagine not having these moments together.

Grandma Tracy said to me many times when I was pregnant with you, “Jenet, don’t ever let me come over and see your house completely clean. If I do, I’ll know you haven’t been playing with Carter enough!” Well, the other day, I looked around the house…4 loads of laundry to be done, floors need to be cleaned, furniture needs to be dusted, kitched needs work…and then I looked at you with eyes wide awake and a smile. I was reminded of GT’s words. So I picked you up, put on some dance music, and we danced around that dirty house. It felt so wonderful to see you smiling as we twirled & twirled! Then, cleaning, didn’t seem so terrible. And yes, GT was proud.

Another thing I’ve noticed about you is that God may have answered my prayer when I asked him to give you the demeanor of your Dad. I asked the Lord that because your Dad is the most wonderful, devoted, kind, polite, sweet hearted, caring, loves the lord, man I’ve ever known. (And, he’s very funny too!) I noticed this about you when we’ve taken you around more people than just your Dad & me. Now, you & I go out together pretty often and you do great. However, when we are with a large group of people and it’s loud, you just look around and take it all in. Just like your Dad, big groups and loud noises don’t seem to be your first choice of atmospheres. Just like your Dad, you start to warm up to people after many encounters with them. It’s such a wonderful part of who you are. 

If I haven’t told you yet, you attract a tremendous amount of attention from many strangers. Usually women, more so older women. They just love to stop and look at you and majority of them say something along the lines of “Oh my! Look at those long eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes!” It’s very sweet! I’ll always stop for people to ooh and aah at you! Why not bring a smile to someone else?!

This week I took you to the library for the first (of many) times! You were so excited!! We’ll be there many times in your life. I hope you fall in love with reading. On our way in, a woman stopped to smile at you and jokingly asked me if I was taking you to story time. “Oh no. Not yet.” I said. We both smiled and walked away. Little did she know, you’ll be back next week for story time! As we walked in, I stopped at customer service and she passed us again and yelled out to me (jokingly), “Don’t tell me you’re going to get him a library card!” I started laughing and said “No…” Wait a minute I thought…of course he needs a library card! Why wouldn’t he need one?? So, you now are a member of the City of Scottsdale Library! YAHOO!! And, the library even gave you a book to add to your home library collection. WOW!

The morning time is when you have lots to say. You makes lots of sweet sounds!

Lastly, you are a ball of smiles! You are smiling nonstop to me and Dad. When you smile, my heart melts.


This is when my heart melts.

This is when my heart melts.



A smile & a wink!

Who loves books!!

Who loves books!!


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

6 responses to “Fun Fun Fun!”

  1. cortney says :

    Wow, 8 weeks already! We love the Belly Button book too! Have fun with him, it goes way too fast!

  2. Auntie Tracy says :

    Oh I just love reading all about you precious Carter. You are such a smart boy for reading all those books! You have two wonderful parents who love you so much! You are a special gift to all of us. I loved meeting you and I loved holding you while you slept. May you have many more wonderful moments with your family & enjoy that BBQ! All my love from Tucson, Auntie T

  3. Liz Bae says :

    I love the blog! Thanks for sharing!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

  4. Lisa Taylor says :

    Love the sweet open-mouth, smiling picture of Carter! His expression reminds me so much of Will.
    Hud got a library card from Osborn hospital when he was born with no late fee’s for a year. Isn’t that funny?!

  5. Kathy says :

    Great blog, Jenet! I’m so glad that Carter has his library card!

  6. Chris Kalyoussef says :

    It was so awesome and great to encounter and be there for my nephew Carter and his dedication. I will always remember the beautiful moments shared by such a large loving family ( all of us! )
    Always cherish the moments shared between strangers and loved ones with the intent and hope of knowing that there is such a beautiful world and humans to encounter over the years. I love you.

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