Just another day …

Will: “J, I have an idea. You get really far away and just snap this picture.”

Jenet: “What picture?”

Will: “I’m going to throw him up, really high! It’s going to be so cool!”

Jenet: “Will…this is not the best idea.” (of course, I give in…)

getting air

play time

do it again!

Of course, Carter loves it.

Another day …

Jenet: (walking outside from previewing “boy time” in the house) “Babe, what are you guys planning on doing?”

Will: “He wants to sit in the dirt pile!”

boys will be boys

 Jenet: “hmm…he does seem to like it.”

a few minutes later, “ok, it’s been long enough. Let’s get him out before he needs a bath.”

Will: “Oh, come on. He’s having so much fun!

a few minutes later, “look J! He likes how it tastes!”


What’s that saying? “God made dirt, so dirt don’t hurt.” (I don’t think so.)

MOM (aka: fun nazi)

Jenet: “That was fun babe. No more dirt for today please.”

Another day …

We’ve been working on a garden! Such a fun thing for me & Will to do together. So he says, “Jenet, bring Cart out here so we can take a picture on the row tiller.”


The sweetest thing to me, is that this next picture was taken on the riding lawn mower when Cart was just a couple weeks old. What a good Daddy William is! Already teaching lil C the ropes.




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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

8 responses to “Just another day …”

  1. Lisa Taylor says :

    That first picture is incredible! I love how calm his face looks! Your “boys” post reminded me of our day today at Sears. We went to buy a new lawn-mower and Heath insisted on carrying Hud around, showing him all the tools. 🙂

  2. dad says :

    That’s not safe…

  3. Kaarin Puhala says :

    That first photo made my heart stop! Almost looks unreal. Fun posts!

  4. Jordan Reasy says :

    I love all these pictures! Jared is SO like Will in this way, I have a few pictures of Enoch being thrown way up in the air too! It’s fun having boys

  5. Auntie T says :

    WILLIAM! Stop throwing my Cman around like that! I about died–but what a cool picture though! J–I love your comments. Him eating grass is the best. I love you guys so much!

  6. Joy says :

    I love love love it! Dirt, big air! It’s great peaking into life with boys!

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