Dogs & Babies

I’ve been wanting to talk about dogs & babies for quite some time. You see, we have a dog, Colton. We have a baby, Carter.

Colton & Carter are best buds. They love to play. Carter loves to tease Colton with his food. Colton will wait patiently as food is dangled in front of him like a carrot to a rabbit. He’s patient when Carter’s play consists of pulling at Colt’s tail or ears. He’s never so much as growled to the baby. He’s gentle when Carter rips the rawhide away from Colt. Why is that?

Does is have to do with the way Will & I introduced Colt to the baby; instructing him to go “easy” as he smelled this 2 day old child?

Does Colt feel like he is the Daddy? When Carter was a newborn, Colt would jump on the couch and lean over to watch Carter sleep in his bassinet most the day. He took watch over him like it was his job. Today, if someone is holding Carter and Colt doesn’t know them, he’s very much in their face. Annoying? Not to me. Very protective.

People will ask me, “do you trust the dog with the baby?” … “Completely”, I answer. Granted, I don’t trust all dogs with babies because some haven’t been around kiddos. Yes, I know the stories of dogs who have mangled kids. But I can’t help but wonder how their owners treated them? It could be a huge indicator to why the dog attacked.

So, remember, if nothing else. How your dog treats other babies or kids is dependent on how you introduce and nurture the relationship between dog + child.

*No research has been done in this study besides my own observations & opinions.

Here are some pictures of C & C growing up together.

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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

3 responses to “Dogs & Babies”

  1. Kathy Hanson says :

    Priceless!! Both the relationship between Carter and Colton – and these great photos!

  2. cortney says :

    I’m right there with you girl. Ours love to kiss Easton a little too much but never get too rowdy. E loves his pups!

  3. Kaarin says :


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