I love my boys.

Yesterday was fathers day. I reminiced on what makes Will a great daddy.

who's your daddy?

William, thank you for changing numerous diapers, without complaints, becoming the tickle monster, wiping a yucky nose, becoming a roller coaster, leading me in raising our son, letting Cart climb you like a jungle gym, teaching Carter how to bbq, mow, fish, & command Colton. Thank you for making us your priority. I love living life with you!

I don’t believe that in all the world, God has picked, “the one” for you to spend your life with. I believe he gives us the freedom to pick the person we spend our life with. God, in not so many words, tells us to make a good choice. After all, there are personalities we get along with far greater than others.

Well, I believe I made the best choice for myself. I chose wisely. (Will also believes he made the best choice) 🙂



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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

One response to “I love my boys.”

  1. capribythelake says :

    I feel like I could have wrote this, because I too don’t believe in the romantic notion of a “soul mate”. Wade became “the one” the day I married him, and we entered into a covenant with God. But, if something happens to me? I hope he finds another woman, and I believe he can- there are many personality types that are compatible. I think this is why so many people are single because they are looking for this perfect person, and why so many “arranged marriages” work because the parents often match similar personalities, religions, cultural and family backgrounds.

    I’m so glad you picked a good one!

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