Joy In The Jumble

Dave Ramsey, financial guru, says its good to be the ugly house on the street. Well Dave, we’ve taken your words of wisdom to a whole new level.

I’m actually enjoying the process of rebuilding the front of our house. I’ve enjoyed sitting under the tree and reading a book while watching William work diligently, Carter play in the dirt, and Colton run around crazy. I’ve enjoyed making runs for iced tea in between William breaking apart 50-year old concrete slabs. I’ve even enjoyed hosing thick layers of mud off Cartie, naked, in the front yard.

I say to Will, ” It’s moments like this, I think we should be living on a farm.”

I’ve come to love our pink home and will miss its sweet color. By no means will I miss it enough to want to paint it pink again. No, no…the pink house reminds me of simplicity. Simple, memorable times like beginning my life with my newlywed husband. Bringing home our baby from the hospital. And, my own struggle, of looking past its ugly exterior to see what’s inside the home. Inside our home is joy.

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t pretend like the outside of the house never bothered me. I’ll be honest in saying, it bothered me a whole bunch. Maybe that’s the effect living in Scottsdale has had on me. But, that’s my own struggle in wanting to things to look a certain way. So, how interesting that the man I chose to spend my life with, looks at this same scenario most opposite. He challenges my thoughts on wanting things to look a certain way. “Don’t get caught in the rat race, J.” That line, I heard close to 1,000 times now. Much to his wise advice, I chose joy in the jumble of my own internal struggle of wanting “it” to look like “this.” (apply that to any part of life.) I believe that was the key in having peace…choosing joy.

A dear friend came to visit yesterday and on her way over, I realized that I didn’t prep her on the outward appearance of our home ahead of time. I was truly proud of myself. I know that may sound silly. But, if I allow myself to become completely enamored in how my life looks, I’m just always pretending and that’s not something I can respect myself for. I think since being married and having a child and seeing myself at my worst have I been able to laugh more at myself. I guess I’ve come to that realization that I don’t care how things look anymore or how a person looks. I care what’s on the inside. Inside of the home, inside the person.


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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

8 responses to “Joy In The Jumble”

  1. joy says :

    XOXOXOX Can’t wait to catch up with you!

  2. Susie says :

    Wow, I love you for this one!!! It is so good that you are at this point and it only means you will be a better person and more content as life goes on. Love ya Jenet!!!!!!!

  3. Kathy Hanson says :

    I love your house for many reasons – but most of all because there’s always a great sense of “welcome” there.

  4. capribythelake says :

    Oh, I’m so proud of you for getting to this beautiful place in your heart, full of contentment and peace. We initially wanted to live in Scottsdale, and every time I drive through I’m overwhelmed with sinful, envious, “my life isn’t enough” thoughts and I think God was protecting us moving us to Arcadia (not like Arcadia is the slums or anything, but it carries a different attitude then North Scottsdale, where I wanted to live).

    I still struggle with wanting so much more, and so much more pretty for my home.

    I would love to come see your home, and have you guys over at our place! I’m sure your home is lovely, and warm, and full of so much love, like you said.

  5. Joy B says :

    on so many levels….WOW!

  6. cortney says :

    I love that you let Carter get down and dirty and be a boy. I think Easton is most happy when he is running around pouring dirt on his head or jumping in muddy puddles. The house is going to be great.

  7. Lauren says :

    Beautifully said, Jenet. The photos made me happy and your words even happier! Real life, real people, real joy.

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