Idaho is becoming one of my favorite places. Correction, Lewiston, ID is one of my favorite places to vacation. (Did you think I was going to say Europe or Hawaii?) It’s a small town where our friends live. They’ve become family to us and we’re so blessed by them and truley thankful for their place in our lives.

Here are a few reasons why I love Lewiston, ID for my vacation spot:

1. Little use of cell phone.

2. Little use of internet.

3. We play lots of games.

4. Drink Lewiston Luau’s till woozy (amazing smoothies).

5. Great conversations with great people.

6. Lots of time for good old fashioned reading!

We packed the car and were off for our 20 hour drive! 2 adults + 1 baby + 1 dog = a super fun road trip!

All in all the driving with Carter part was not bad. He’s such a good sport. Favorite toys and yummy foods helped a whole bunch! The hardest part I would say is when he was tired and wanted to sleep. Confused not to be cuddled in his crib, he would cry for a few minutes and dozed for a couple hours.

I must say, even the dog wasn’t too bad. Except his desire for wanting to race after motorcyclists on the freeway, he slept for a good while too.

On the way there, we left close to Cart’s bedtime and drove through the night. Stopped for a few hours to sleep. Cart actually slept for 8 hours, phew! Coming home, we left in the morning and mostly dealt with the same issues. I’d say neither was better than the other. The hardest part was when we had a huge poop blowout. It was everywhere…down his leg…on the car seat. Gross. Will was driving so I dealt with it in a manner of dramatic noises and a tub of wipes.

A friend said before the trip, “All rules go out the window on the road trip. Just do whatever keeps them happy. If they want gummy bears for breakfast, that’s just great!” hmmm…I said to her …. great advice Lisa!

Now, for our stay with our friends. Great hosts, delicious food, lots of lounging time, a trip to the backwoods of ID, shopping, movies, many a funny jokes…just a perfect time. We spent our days doing just that.

Jack & Shelley took to Carter like the most natural grandparents. They needed no instruction from myself or Will on what to do for the little guy. In a way, I wish I wasn’t home again because I was spoiled!

William go to go fishing with his own personal guide, actually two! Jack, Nate, & Will got to spend a couple days fishing along the St. Joe River.

The good life

Us girls, do what girls do best: shop! We had fun picking out lots of pretties for each other and then relaxing with dinner and a movie!

Now, before all this we stayed at their cabin for a day, the boys stayed longer. I know Shelley was apprehensive about me going up to the cabin because it’s a “no-electricity” cabin. Will was excited for me to go. Finally, I get to see what camping is like! Shelley kept reassuring me, “we can even leave at night if you decide you can’t do it.” Sometimes, I think I come off as fragile as a china doll. No, just kidding, it must be because I’m from Scottsdale. No, no kidding again. They just wanted to make sure I was comfortable. Thanks Shelley!

Proud to say, I did it! 1 night in the cabin, a few trips to the outhouse bathroom, nature walks, card games, yummy food. It was a blast! I truley loved it. We were surrounded by “heavens forest” (as I call it. Lots of pine trees but we don’t see that here so I make a big deal about it.) I loved the walks we went on and if you stopped talking you could hear the water in the stream nearby. Truley amazing.

We also went huckleberry picking! Although, there weren’t many to pick, the adventure of it was fun. Just to walk through beautiful trees and bushes and flowers. Jordan was my partner in crime as we picked huckleberries. It was so peaceful to have this kind of family time where we were together and enjoying the same activity. It gave me a vision for how I want our life as the Simmons family to look in ten plus years.

So, I must say through the walking and balancing with baby, I didn’t fall once. Hooray!! Then, in the middle of the night, Colt starts whining. Needs to go out to go potty. After his hundreth whine and budging with his nose, I get up, barely awake, grab the flashlight (remember, no electricity). I continue to walk and attempt to turn on this (must be “child-proof”) flashlight. Cannot turn it on but yet I don’t stop walking. Can’t see where I’m going but at least I made it far enough to open the door for the pooch. Must also get dog back into cabin before he’s eaten by a bear. Continue to flop myself outside and BAM! I’ve falled from the cabin onto the porch. “COLTON!” I screamed. The next morning, Shelley asked why I yelled his name when I fell. “Because, Shelley, since Carter was born, I made a vow not to curse. So I had to scream his name in vain.” Two tiny scuffs on the knees later, I’m still my clumsy self.

When we were up at the cabin, we were wondering, how are we going to carry Carter around? Forgot the front pack at home. Nate to the rescue! He got this hunting backpack  as a gift. So we strapped Carter in his super handy moveable high-chair and strapped him away! It worked out great as he could eat huckleberries as we picked them!

Something else I loved was seeing nature, pure and simple. Not in a magazine but right in front of me!

Lewiston girls, camping.

Jack, Jordan, Cartie, Will.


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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

14 responses to “Idaho”

  1. amy says :

    LOVED reading this, Jenet!! Sounds like your trip was perfection except for falling off the porch and the incredible blowout diaper situation…can’t wait to hear more details! We should get together soon, don’t you think? So glad your trip went well, friend!

  2. Kathy Hanson says :

    What a great trip! I love to hear all the details, including the fall (I worked with you for a year and NEVER thought of you as clumsy – not even once!) Beautiful photos!

  3. Auntie Tracy says :

    The pics were amazing–it looked truly beautiful there! Glad you had a wonderful time! And I am glad you have close friends to go hang in nature with…I am not that person–lol. Give me concrete, shopping, and architecture….love you!

  4. capribythelake says :

    I am cracking UP at that high chair back pack! Way to go! It looks so pretty there, glad you had such a good time!

  5. will says :

    not that i’m into details, but it wasn’t camping technically, sorry. we’re slowly getting you there.

    from websters:
    Main Entry: 2camp
    Function: verb
    Date: 1543
    intransitive verb

    1 : to make camp or occupy a camp
    2 : to live temporarily in a camp or outdoors —often used with out
    3 : to take up one’s quarters : lodge
    4 : to take up one’s position : settle down —often used with out
    transitive verb
    : to put into a camp; also : accommodate

  6. HellsCanyon says :

    Dying giggling over the highchair on the backpack – that was BRILLIANT! Well done =D

    This is such a fantastic write up of our little corner of the Pacific Northwest! Would you mind if we shared this on our Hells Canyon Visitor Bureau Facebook and Twitter profiles? So many families are looking for the experience you had and this is a perfect way to show what they can expect.

    Please stop in and say hi the next time you’re in town – our office is over in Clarkston, WA, on Bridge Street – we love meeting all the people who visit us from everywhere!


  7. Shelley Hutson says :

    Oh Jenet!! I have never met anyone who could make me cry as much as you!!! (from cracking me up and from touching my heart). We are so glad you came and glad to hear (read) your perspective on the trip!! Some of those things we forget to appreciate sometimes. We love our family time and you are absolutely a part of that. We miss you all terribly and can’t wait for our next adventure together!! God Bless you always.

  8. Shelley Hutson says :

    ps. Will, that was close enough to camping for the first time…and I think we qualify for numbers 3 and 4 of your definitions. We took up our quarters (lodging) and we took up our position (settled-temporarily)!!!

  9. Lisa Taylor says :

    Oh my goodness Jenet…love this post and the pictures! What wonderful memories you have! The high-chair backpack is my favorite part too! Let’s move there and live in a commune!

    ps-hope the gummi bears didn’t cause the blow out!

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