A kiss goodbye, one suitcase, one baby, Swingsley, one adopted mom/grandma, one camera (with no battery in it…thanks prego brain)…we headed out the door to Texas!! I cannot even begin to express how exciting it was for me to sit in the same room as my best friend. Technically, we have coffee (tea, for her) everyday together. On the phone, that is. It’s been so long since I got to see her in person and I was thrilled! Wish we could have stayed longer but made the most of it while we were there.

We ate the best barbeque! Thank you Rudy’s Barbeque! As her and her hubby said, we need to try real Texas bbq while we were there. Oh my, oh my…I pigged out. I mean, really pigged out! Carter did too…never before has he eaten green bean salad and loved it so much!

Other than the food, it was such a special time to be together…having great talks, watching each other mommy our boys, seeing Carter & Jack play together, cuddling with her new baby girl…funny what life looked like 5 years ago! But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything and neither would she.

Traveling with a toddler…that’s what most people asked about. They’re so sweet, I think they really meant, “Jenet, did you survive?!” My answer, would have been “no!” but my wonderful adopted mom, came with us!!! So, we tag teamed Carter and somehow made it through. Then, spending the next 3 days with my 2 Tracy’s. One of the best blessings in my life! I love you ladies and I’m counting down until we’re together again.


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About jenetsimmons

We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

3 responses to “Texas”

  1. cynthia taylor says :

    So you discovered Rudy’s! We always have bottles of their sauce in our frig just to try to recreate the experience. Their brisket and ribs make me so happy!

  2. cortney says :

    Look how big Carter is! So adorable all that blond hair.

  3. Stacey says :

    Hey! I tried to send you a message on FB, but not sure if I did… anyway, just want to say HI and see how you are doing. It’s been so long- I can’t believe how big Carter is! Send me a message or call when you have time! 🙂

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