Strollers and such…

I’m starting to think about double strollers! Anybody have any tidbits they care to share? I’ll take any advice!


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5 responses to “Strollers and such…”

  1. Jess says :

    Hey girl- I have the Graco duo glider (, I like it. It isn’t the one I would have bought myself, but it was a gift and I have few complaints. It is heavy, but I think any double stroller will seem heavy when compared to a single. It is a front to back double versus a side to side. I do like that about it. The basket is huge. If I were to have the money to buy myself one, I was going to get the Kolcraft Contour ( it is actually on sale right now, and is a really great deal. What I love about this one is that both babies can face whatever direction you want them to. and you can do it in any combo with the carseat/big kid seat in any posistion. I have tried it out and I really loved it.

  2. Erin Whitmer says :

    They’re almost all big and heavy.

    I have 2 strollers- my nice Joovy Big Caboose that was my shower gift that has a place for both twins car seats at the beginning, then the regular stroller seats stadium later, and a sit or stand small seat on the back for Charlotte. It also has a big storage basket underneath. It’s been a life saver. I bought a soft cup holder attachment because I have to have a place for my water bottle, keys, sunglasses, phone etc. My neighbor gave me a hand-me-down double wide umbrella stroller (wrangler brand I believe) and in a lot of ways I like it the best. Super light and easy to get in and out. Perfect for walks. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a place to put stuff for longer outings like the zoo, and no place for Charlotte unless I put one baby in a carrier which I do often.
    -Most people I know have the Double BOB for the joggers out there, the Graco double stroller (not sure exact name), or the Baby trend sit and stand. I’ve also heard good things about a double from Chicco. I also looked into one where the seats can be taken off and turned to face out or in or put a baby car seat in. That seemed like a good idea to me to make it lighter. It can be hard to fit them in the trunk of some cars! Good luck! (Sorry this was a rather long tid-bit!

  3. Erin Whitmer says :

    The Kolkraft contour was the other one I was looking into! Just saw it on the earlier post!

  4. Mandi says :

    I had the single Kolcraft contours and I LOVED it… well I still do and use it just for Ella sometimes… but I also LOVE my new one… you saw it at Bible study… the one Jess was talking about.. it is great! Sure it is long but all of them are. The basket is huge, there are two cup holders and a parent compartment for you and one cup holder for each kid… my only complaint is there is no tray for the kiddos. The kids can both lay down and you can change the seats into 8 different positions. If I had 500… I would like to get the City Select… my sister has it and LOVES it… much more sturdy than my kolcraft one but for 180 I really LOVE mine 🙂 Hope that helps!!

  5. Chelsea says :

    The city select is amazing! I have Brittney has it and we both love it. It’s a little pricey but so worth it.

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