William’s condition, update 3 :-)

This is good!!!!! First of all, thank you – thank you – thank you, our dear friends and family who have been praying diligently on my family’s behalf. You cannot begin to understand my gratitude towards all of you; every single one of you! I’m so thankful you’ve stepped in on William’s behalf to pray for him, as he can’t pray for himself right now. I’m so thankful for you that you’ve interceded in prayer for me when I haven’t had the words to pray.

Before Will’s last waking for the day, I was alone with him. It’s almost like, I was going back and forth between encouraging him to keep fighting and begging the Lord to let me see his eyes. God is the giver of all good gifts so I boldly went before our Lord in prayer and asked for another glimmer of hope.

Bea & I got to be there when nurse Tara took him off the propifol to see how he did when we woke up for the third time today. It started different; nurse Tara told us to just be quiet while he woke up. (It’s different because in the past they would take him off and start yelling commands at him.) So, we sat and waited and were quiet. 15 minutes passed and I felt like we were getting nowhere. Settling in my heart, I thought, ok Lord – just not yet. I started asking nurse Tara questions like how long we were going to leave him off for? (15 minutes is usually what we do.) Well, how long should it take for him to respond? (usually right away. oh boy, which I understand because yesterday he did respond like a fighter right away.) Even as she tried making him cough, he seemed more irritated than anything else. (Which by the way, when there’s tubes down your husbands throat and nose, the last thing you would want to watch is them forcing him to cough to wake him up a little.) I had to turn away at this point; it was a scary scene.

I stand at his head ready to see those crystal blue eyes, Bea right next to me, and nurse Tara on the other side of the bed…

  • nurse: (in a loud voice) “William, open your eyes”
  • Will: nothing
  • she continues to say this a few times with no response. Bea and I are fixated on his face and we’re just waiting for his eyes to open.
  • nurse: “William, squeeze my hand”
  • nurse: “GOOD BOY, WILL!!!!!!”
  • we didn’t see the squeeze because we’re glued to watching his face.
  • nurse: “Will, can you hold up two fingers?”
  • Will: he held two fingers up on the left hand!!!!!
  • nurse: “Will, can you wiggle your toes?”
  • Will: wiggled his left toes!!!! (I’ve never loved a toe wiggle more!!!)
  • nurse: “Will, open your eyes.”
  • Will: opened his eyes!!!!
  • nurse: “Will, can you see your wife? She’s here!”
  • Jenet: “Hi Honey, I’m right here!!”
  • Will: turned his neck, opened his eyes, and nodded yes!!!
  • we continued to ask him questions and he answered every single one of them with a nod yes or no. We asked him if he was in pain, and he nodded yes. We continued to ask him where the pain was in specific parts of his body and he would answer no to all of them. Then, he lifted his left hand as if to start pointing to where the pain was. (because his hands are strapped down, he couldn’t get far enough to point.)
  • Continued to talk to him about Carter and I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie tonight. And, nurse Tara reassurred him she would help him with the pain.
  • In the beginning as Bea and I were watching the two finger showing and toe wiggling, we both instantly started leaping in the air and crying tears of joy!!
  • This is where we see Jesus’s miraculous ways. As I kissed his forehead goodnight and we left the room, doing cartwheels, nurse Tara tells us to stop. “Give me a hug” she says, as she’s crying tears of joy with us. And, this is where I wonder…Lord, who else needs to see that you are real?!

I am thrilled beyond measure right now. Beyond absolute measure. Beyond human measure. Beyond medical measure. Not beyond the measure or power of God. (Can I get an Amen?!)

Why is this so important? We need to see that William can wake up and follow commands. We need to see that he is able to process information and respond. Because, we still do not know the extent of damage that there might be to his brain. So, showing the progress the Lord worked through him tonight, was huge.

I have to tell you all something … this morning, as I spoke with nurse Tara, I told her in my own “stay at home wife” knowledge, I thought Dr. Roberts (his ICU doc) was asking too much of him that after 24 hours he would expect Will to follow commands. (this was yesterday) She reassured me…now after 48 hours, he followed 3 commands, opened his eyes, and answered a bunch of questions!!! Well, I guess it’s not too much for Jesus to give! So, I told her…”Tara, you tell that Dr. Roberts every single thing that happened!” (You’ve got to know, he’s an amazing smart, knowledgable doctor, with zero bedside manner; which is why I’m recording/making a big deal about this part.)

Bea and I ran out to the waiting room with so many of you waiting with us, anticipating any sort of news…we came out running and jumping and smiling!!! SMILING!!! The tears were joyful this time! We replayed the entire scene to you and joined together in prayer as we thanked our God, humbly for yet more glimmers of hope. More miracles. Ohh, we can breathe again.

After leaving, nurse Tara called me with part of his spinal tap results from today:

  • Monday, the white blood cell count from the spinal tap was 5,000.
  • Today it’s 800. Thank you Jesus!!!
  • Monday the fluid in the spinal tap was “murky.”
  • Today’s results showed the fluid was clear. Thank you Jesus!!!

Let’s remember to give praise to God who gets all the glory from the miracles being shown! Friends and family, please continue to pray with us:

  • The spinal fluid is getting better, but it is still infected.
  • We will continue to see results from today’s spinal tap during the next 48 hours as the cultures develop and we get to see what else we’re dealing with as far as the bacteria & bugs in the system are concerned.
  • Pray that William will continue to stay responsive; not aggressive when taken off propofol.
We praise you Jesus, for miracles. We thank you for the outpour of love we’ve received from an incredible amount of people, those near and far away. We are humbled.
As a side note: Visitors are still welcome. I have loved my time with each of you just sitting with me; reading scripture; reading a trash mag; forcing me to eat; letting me cry; helping me to breath deeply; praying. Please feel free to continue to come. Understand, because of his infection, right now, only immediate family can come back to see him personally. (I think that’s awesome, because it shows we over-crowded that ICU with everyone who loves Will!)

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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

35 responses to “William’s condition, update 3 :-)”

  1. Carrie Sill says :

    What a wonderful way to end the day…Amen! Sleep well, Jenet.

  2. Karis says :

    Over joyed with this news. Pat and Sara told me when they came to pick up Michaela and Gigi, but to read your account of it is thrilling. Girl, I get how indescribibly difficult this is after having Mike in the hospital for a month 2 summers ago. I have been on my knees for you since he went in to the hospital, and I am praying with belief and expectation that God will heal William and work a mighty miracle in the hearts of those who see His power through this. God is mighty to save.

    Love you big time- Karis

  3. mihi paek says :

    Jenet, your blog is incredible. If I ever go through a difficult trial like you have in the last few days, I hope that I have the spiritual muturity to trust and praise God like the way you’ve shown me.
    Our God is in control! I pray that God will heal William completely to shock even the doctors and nurses around him. May our Lord strengthen and comfort Simmons family hourly.

  4. azhappyhour says :

    What GREAT NEWS, Jenet! Continuing to pray for William. Christ is deeper still!

  5. noelle larson says :

    REJOICING with you. God is so big and so faithful!

  6. Carrie Tanner says :

    Praise God!!! We will keep praying until you tell us he is 100% and going home!!!

  7. Emily says :

    Even though I don’t know you super well Jenet, I would LOVE to come see you! If only I didn’t live in another country 😦

    I have tears in my eyes as I read this success story but more because I know both of you love the Lord so much, are giving Him so much glory. I just pray that in Will’s fogginess right now, that Jesus is meeting Him, giving Will comfort and reminding Him of his suffering. Will is resonating with His Lord on the cross right now. Somebody once told me that there is no safer place for your family to be besides on the altar, as an offering to the Lord… you’ve placed him there and continue to trust the Lord. He will meet you there too!

    Love to you guys! Prayers are coming from Czech. While you’re sleeping, people here are praying. ❤

  8. Elizabeth Bae says :

    This is great news, Jenet! We are all praying for you, Will, Cartie, and baby Simmons. Continue to stay strong… you amaze me with your strength!

  9. Wendy Hilkerbaumer says :

    AMEN!!! We, too(Missouri relatives) are with you in spirit. Your family, all of you, are not far from our thoughts and prayers. Give Will a kiss for all of us as we continue to pray for his healing. Thank you, God for Will’s continued healing.

  10. Susie Berger says :

    Whew! I had to wake this morning Jenet to read what was going on before getting ready for work!!!! I am and all of us in Misssouri have appreciated being able to read this blog and know what you and everyone has been doing and feeling and almost like being right there with you and Will!!! Prayers will continue and thoughts are always with you and Will!!!!!! Love Susie

  11. Jen Zakaras says :

    I SO loved waking up to this this morning.. I have been thinking so much about you! God is SO good! Keep Fighting Will!

  12. virginia drackley says :

    Thank you , thank you, thank you for the updates and thee encouraging news on Will. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for an even greater day today. Blessings to you and hugs are sent your way.

  13. stacey pasquel says :

    AMEN!!! THRILLED to hear the positive news. I will continue to hope and pray for a full recovery!!

  14. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    Don’t know what else to say than Praise our loving and glorious Lord. Will keep praying. Keep it up Will!!!! Keep faith Jenet!!!

    Steve & Rita

  15. Steph says :

    We really do serve a God who is doing miracles for you TODAY! Praise Him! Will continue to be praying for your family. Sending lots of love your way.

  16. Stacey says :

    AMEN!!! I am THRILLED to hear the positive news!! I will continue to prary and hope for a FULL recovery!!!

  17. Kaarin Puhala says :

    Crying tears of joy and relief. Hope to come visit you today.

  18. Heath Taylor says :

    God is good and as you continue to press into Jesus your faith is a living testimony to His character. I can’t wait to celebrate this together on the other side of this trial. It reminds me of James chapter 1. You are living out your faith in God well. Great Update!

  19. Faye Balfe says :

    To all the Bergers
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know God is with you all the way.
    May Your William respond to the Doctors care. May God walk with him during this journey back to good health.
    Your MN cousin

  20. Hoock Family says :

    Thank you for the updates and praise God for Will’s progress. Will is so bless to have such a strong, faithful wife! We are praying for you and thinking of you often. God is amazing and I know he can heal and restore Will. What is a trial now is a testament later! Last night before he went to bed, Parker and I said an extra prayer for all FOUR of you. He laid his head on my chest as I prayed as if he understood! 🙂 We love you guys!

    Zach, Megan and Parker

  21. Devina Little says :


    I’m SO rejoicing with you right now and my home group girls will be too when I share the good news about Will!!!! We cried with you as I read them the last few days of your blog entries. Tears of relief and joy well in my eyes as I read your daily blog today. Praise God!!
    Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m so encouraged by your strength in the midst of this. I will continue in prayer for his complete recovery! God Bless you today and praise Jesus for his healing power!!!!!

  22. Grandma says :

    That beautiful Carter at the beginning of each blog is an eye catcher. Then the words “This is good” set the tone for the day. Rejoice and rejoice for the Lord is good . Did you ever notice how God gets his kids moving when one of His children needs hands of love to hold him up. And then He shows us how much love He has for each one of us. I can almost hear Him say.
    ‘I told you so”. Thank you again Lord for healing Will. Amen Audrey

  23. Bobby & Debbie Deneke says :

    Debbie and I were crying while reading the testimony God is building through your lives and rejoicing, knowing that God is both answering our prayers and building that testimony in your lives! We’ve called the 700 club prayer line everyday since this for continued prayer support. The first day we called the prayer partner said that God must really have great plans for Williams life and the enemy wants to attack that plan.
    I believe, because of Williams dedication to his church and his love for the Lord Jesus, that this is going to also effect OTBC on so many levels, allowing the hearts of every part of OTBC to know not only the power of prayer but the need to “press in”, as Heath said and to stand firmly on the enternal Word of God, digging in our heels and refusing any outcome but the very Word of God, which is His Will. Knowing what His Word says gives us all the strength to choose it and be determined to stand on it, without wavering, regardless of what the enemy might say, through any person.
    Praise God for William being fully healed and restored!

  24. Jeremy Olimb says :

    I’m a friend of Brian’s and one of the pastors with him at Redemption Church. Just wanted to let your family know that I am praying for you. God is good, He knows your needs and He is your loving Father. Continue to run to His arms for comfort and assurance.

  25. April Hess says :

    You don’t know me, but I am a friend of Cecily Shea’s. I have been praying for your husband. I had bacterial meningitis when I was in college, and it was an extremely difficult time for me and my family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  26. danielle paskins says :

    Wow! I’m a friend of Kaarin’s and have been following your blog and praying for Will this week. God is so good. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to watch you go through this – while it’s an awful thing, you are showing so many people what the hope of Christ is all about!

  27. Jennifer says :

    tears of joy! amen!! speechless…God is good. 🙂

  28. Susan Schumpert says :

    AMEN!!!! Thank you Father! Our days revolve around praying for Will.

  29. Alla says :

    Jenet, you are an inspiration as a wife. May God continue give you peace and more strength .
    God is a God of miracles. He is good and does good.
    We are constantly praying for God’s grace and that He will fully miraculously heal William.
    We love you so much.
    OJ and Alla.

  30. Kevin Schuck says :

    Jenet- I met with Brian for coffee this morning and he’d shared the latest re: Will’s status. While I don’t know you personally, I am praying for Will, you, family, doctors and staff et al – that God would bring healing, peace and comfort as you seek to serve Will and that He would grow our faith in Him immensely in/through this trial. We’ve passed the prayer request throughout our South Chandler community and have had confirmation from many that they’re earnestly with you in prayer. God bless you guys –
    Kevin & Kim Schuck

  31. Amy Moller says :

    Here’s another AMEN!! God is Mighty to save! Thank you for keeping up your posts.
    MN relatives (Harlan and Judy send their love, too)
    Amy for the Moller 11

  32. Bunny Snow says :

    Another friend of Cecily Shea Jenet, and I’ve been praying a day and a bit more.
    I have no doubt there is a miracle going on in William’s life, something both of you will remember a life time. Thank the good LORD.
    Cecily must love your family very much, ’cause she surely got the news out to us
    sounding like you were the dearest of people.
    With love, Bunny

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