William’s condition, update 4 (This is a good one!!!)

William is being woken from the medicated-coma daily at 8, 12, & 4. Last night’s blog entry, I told you the purpose of this. I’m never here at 8 as I’m trying to spend time with Cartie boy so we made sure Uncle Bill was here so William could hear a voice he knew.

I showed up at about 9am. He was running late because they took him for a CT scan on his brain. The purpose of this is to see if his brain is swollen and basically what it looks like because his heart rate dropped. Normal for him is about 60 and it was in the mid-50’s.

This morning Dr. Goddell (neurologist) said, “His prognosis looks good.” (Thank you Jesus!!!)

Another praise to God is that the first reading of his spinal tap from last night showed no micro-organisms were growing! (aka: bugs in his system that would fight the antibiotics.) This is only the first reading; as great as it is, I’ve got to remember to stay diligent and clear minded knowing we have many more reports that will be read from this spinal tap as the hours go on.

So, let’s get to him waking up 🙂 Nurse Tara, Rick (Will’s Dad), & I were back there with him.

  • He didn’t want to open his eyes because he nodded yes to saying it was too bright.
  • Nurse Tara reassurred him the lights were off and he tried to open his eyes.
  • She told him where he was and that I was right there. He nodded yes that he could see me!
  • He squeezed both hands!!!
  • He held two fingers up on both fingers!!!
  • He wiggled all toes on both feet!!!
  • Then I started talking to him and told him his Dad was there and he waved hi to his Dad with his left hand!
I’ve been trying to write this for hours; so let me fast forward…
Nurse Tara thought he might be able to be taken off the propoval & breathing tubes because of the progress his body’s been showing. (medical details are blurry right now) So, instead I’ll just get to the good parts…
30 minutes they took him off propoval to see how he would do being off the drug. He was slowly waking up; would point to the clock because he wanted to know what time it was. I was reading Psalms 91: 14-16 to him, then Psalms 62. He would look at me and I knew he could hear me. I asked him, “isn’t that scripture so beautiful?” He nodded yes with tears running down his cheeks.
 Dr. Roberts came in to check his breathing and said it was perfect and he was ready!!
The respitory therapist came in to remove the breathing tubes and make sure he could follow commands. He coughed when they asked him. He answered the question that his name was “Willy.” (That made me laugh). He started answering all nurse Tara questions;
  • Nurse: “Why are you in here?”
  • Will: “My brain is swollen.”
  • Nurse: “It’s May 5th today William. You’ve been in the ICU for four days.”
  • Will: “Oh, it’s cinco de mayo” (are you kidding me right now Lord?! Who comes out of a coma and says that?”)
  • Nurse: “Ya, how about a margarita.”
  • Will: “I’ll have one if you buy!”
  • Nurse: “So, Will, where do you want to go on vacation?”
  • Will: “Hawaii”
  • Nurse: “ooo, can I come with you?”
  • Will: “Well, I’d really like to take my wife.”  🙂    … shall I hold him to this?!
  • Will: “Babe, get Dave Nowak on the phone. We have a job site to be working on”
  • Me: “Ya it’s taken care of. Dave & Chase are keeping things going at work. They’re busy installing doors.”
  • Will: “What doors?! They shouldn’t be installing doors.”
  •  I tried to just derail the rest of this conversation since I had no idea what I was talking about but knew they guys had things under control. Thank you, Dave & Chase! You’ve been amazing!!!!
Then, they left us alone and I replayed for him how we got here. He remembered throwing up but nothing after that. He was silly and sarcastic, full of big smiles, and being goofy…He was Will!!!
Then, Mom & Dad came in; and we all rejoiced in tears. We told him all the people all over this country that have been praying for his healing and how things have really looked the past 4 days and we all were just emotional and crying.
When we were alone again, I was telling him who’s been here in the waiting room. And, he kept saying…why was that person here? As if he he thought he just had a sore throat. Like saying…they shouldn’t worry about me. Yep, typical humble spirited, William. He was overwhelmed in a good way from everyone’s visits and prayers. For the next couple hours, 2 at a time, were visiting in his room. He’s taking a nap now and asked to see Cartie. We’re hoping the nurses allow me to run him back for just a quick minute!
Oh, friends and family. I know this is happening and it’s real but I still feel like I’m dreaming. I almost can’t comprehend thinking my husband was on his death bed to seeing him laugh and yell at Chase that should be at work at 2pm; not visiting him.
How does this happen? Only through the healing power of Christ. Only through the living risen God who died for our sins so we could be saved from our sins. Medicine is great – but God, saves. Doctors are smart – but God, saves lives. This morning, I was thinking and praying; God saves us from hell, from our sins and gives us the promise of eternal life with him. But Lord, can you save my husband physically and deliver him back to me as Will? YES HE CAN!!!
I cannot believe I’m having conversations with him.
Please keep praying. The Lord is hearing us and delivering us and trying to show somebody out there that He is real. Somebody needs to see Jesus through this. Why else would Will’s life have become a living testimony to Jesus? Think about it. Is it you? Do you need to be saved?
The doctor seemed wonderfully suprised. He’ll be in the ICU today and possibly released to the regular recovery room tomorrow. We’re waiting to see the results of the CT scan from this morning and continue to wait on his spinal tap results. He’s seeing double right now and that should self correct. Please continue to be in prayer over these things. And as you do, give praise to God and give Him all the glory for saving my sweet husband! Let’s be praying to see how this is going to be a part of Will’s testimony to Christ and a ministry in our life.
*We’re so hoping the charge nurse will let me run Cartie back there for Will to see for a minute.*

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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

25 responses to “William’s condition, update 4 (This is a good one!!!)”

  1. Jen Zakaras says :

    Ohhh Tears of Joy for you J!!! I can’t wait to hear about when Carter gets to see him for the first time….God IS SO Good!

    • Lise Sanfratello says :

      Praising Jesus and rejoicing with you all. We will continue to pray for his complete recovery.

  2. Wendy Hilkerbaumer says :

    Jenet, this is absolutely wonderful. Praise God!! Our prayers are with Will, you , your sons, and all the family. Tell Will to keep fighting. I can just imagine how the whole scene played out. As I was reading this, I actually yelled a big Yes and a big THANK YOU GOD! Take care of yourself please. Get enough rest! Hug Rick and Bea for me, I don’t have their email or anything.

  3. Tracy Carson says :

    Wow Wow Wow!!! Praise God from whom all blessing flow! What an amazing update! Thank you for sharing and thank you for pointing us all toward Christ. I am committing to prayer now the person(s) that needs to see Jesus through all of this. I love how you asked if anyone needed to be saved. Such a powerful testimony to the gospel and our Lord. Weeping may last for a night…but joy comes in the morning!

  4. Zech Hargrave says :

    God is good all the time. As i was reading this update and got to the point where he said “Oh, it’s cinco de mayo” I could not help but shout PRAISE THE LORD, and my room mate who is sleeping (and has no idea about this) , in his sleep rolled over and and said YES. MY prayers go out to you and your family.

  5. Stacey says :

    So thrilled and relieved for you all! This is such positive and inspiring news! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and continue to believe in Will’s recovery. Love you all…

  6. azhappyhour says :


  7. Susan Schumpert says :

    What a wonderful day! Thank you Father!!! My husband and I can’t quit smiling we are so delighted. Jenet, your blogs are such a witness. God knows His own and He knows your willingness to serve. I can’t wait to see how He uses this and you both for His glory! We will continue to pray…
    With love from Maine

  8. Joy B. says :

    Tears of complete JOY, JOY, JOY are flowing!!! So happy. I’m staying on my knees for you babe! Will, I am so proud of and thankful for all the fighting you have done.
    Big hugs Jenet…. BIG!!!!

  9. Susie Berger says :

    Aunt Talitha would have said and one of her favorite hymns!!! What a friend we Have in Jesus!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to have had the time talking with Bea this morning Jenet!!!!! And I think today was my hardest day staying focused with helping others because I so wanted and prayed for a positive outcome although we have talked about the Lord’s will !!!!!!! And then Praise the Lord!!!! Will is awake, alive and being Will!!!! What a relief this must be in so many ways for you and the boys and all the family!!!!! We will continue to pray for positive outcomes and recovery!!!!!
    Hug Will!!!!!
    Love, Susie

  10. Steph says :

    What an amazing testimony of God’s great grace and power!!! LOVE this update and am so thankful to hear the great news!

  11. Amy Moller says :

    Thank you Lord! What a blessing! Your testimony is a blessing to me. Thank you, Jenet, for being open about your journey on the “conscious side” of this illness. Your strength, through Jesus, is a positive example to others.

  12. Jennifer says :

    we have a phone tree going on here the minute there are any updates…amy calls marilyn, marilyn calls mom, mom calls me…so I couldn’t WAIT to read this post!! we are all just overjoyed!!
    i’m so sorry for all the erick stories; but we aren’t far removed from them so they keep cropping up in my brain! when we were in the er and knew he would be transferred to the “big” hospital, Erick said he’s have to take advantage and share Jesus with whomever he could! when we got in the ambulance, I brought Jesus up with the driver (he loved Jesus too so it was a very nice 40 minute ride!) Erick shared Christ with his roommate and nurses…could that be the reason all of this happened to us? Who knows! But God does, and His plan is perfect.
    {Tell Will he better take you to Hawaii asap!} 😉

  13. Lauren Locker says :

    I awoke with a heavy heart this morning. Time can take a toll when pleading with and waiting on God. What will He decide? Hebrews 11 says both deliverance and death are options for people of faith – which one will bring Him glory this time? We keep asking, trusting, waiting… I went to Moms In Touch and learned that this prayer request had “gone viral” meaning news had spread far and wide; there is no way to know how many have prayed! This group also prayed specifically for you, once again. Afterwards, I called Tracy and she told me the amazing report. Filled with joy, I sobbed in the car, praising our wonderful Heavenly Father! Still crying as I read your detailed account. How GRATEFUL we all are!!! Love and hugs to you, dear Jenet. Still praying… (and enjoying Carter). Lauren

  14. Bobby & Debbie Deneke says :

    Praise Jesus! Thank you, Lord!

  15. Danna says :

    Praise the Lord, this is such an answer to prayers!

  16. Chris and LaDan Goble says :

    Praise the Lord!!!
    We have tears of joy!!!

  17. Faye Balfe says :

    I just checked in to see how your day was going. So pleased to see that William had a much better day. I hope he continues his progress and soon will be able to come home to his loving family. Jenet, you have a remarkable faith in the Lord and I know that he will carry you during this difficult time.
    Continued prayers from MN.

  18. Heath Taylor says :

    Do you know that I love you guys and all of your extended family? Because I DO!!! You married well William and Jenet!

  19. Cynthia Taylor says :

    Yea God!

  20. jenney says :

    yay!!!! God is so amazing! We will definitely be praying for you guys! I can’t wait to hear tomorrow whether Cartie got to go back!

  21. Devina Little says :

    Praise, praise, praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenet I’m overjoyed and cannot believe how miraculous and relieving and wonderful this is! I’m so glad to know Will is doing incredibly well!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you have shared with us and let us pray with you every step of the way. You are a blessing girl. All glory be to God!

  22. Alla says :

    Praise the God for the beautiful news! Hallelujah! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!
    I couldn’t avoid tears of joy.
    You and Will are so loved. We continue to ask God for complete healing.
    “God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you’” (Heb. 13:5 )

  23. Karis says :

    Savior! He can move the mountains! Our God is mighty to save! He is mighty to save!

  24. tricia k says :

    Praise Jesus! Our family, in Dublin, OH, has been praying for you too! So so so happy to hear this praise and we will continue to pray for you – complete strangers who we love through Christ (Jennie Sharda – Scottsdale Bible is my sister & I get posts from Family Matters).

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