William’s condition, update on the “after-hours”

I’m so proud to be called, “William’s wife.” That’s been my new name this week and it’s great!

I had the honor of feeding him dinner tonight; which he wasn’t shy to say that the hospital food was nasty! Carter did get to see Daddy tonight and Will’s eyes shone bright as he talked with Cart and gave him high-fives and blew kisses.

The Lord has delivered a miracle to us, William has turned a corner and I can’t even wrap my mind around it. It’s so beautiful. As I spoke to the internist and nurses, they’re slowly helping me understand this part of the healing journey. We  entered a new season today. It’s going to be a long road. I’m going to be learning how to be a caretaker for him. While he’s been in the coma, we were able to have lots of supportive visitors in his room without disturbing his healing process. Now that he’s awake, we need him to have peace and rest and lots of down time. The nurses are poking and prodding him all day which is too much for a healing person anyways. It is time to rest.

With that being said, we love you all so incredibly much. He was moved to the neurology floor today and the waiting room is dismal and tiny with only 4 chairs in it. So, we’re not able to be there all day like we have been this week. I will look back on this week and thank God for every person who came to visit. Since visitation is on hold, the way you can help and support is to pray. Please continue to pray as he heals. Please pray for less and less discomfort and confusion for him. I was told that as the medication slowly leaves his body, he will start to remember things better, but until then he is struggling to get back to normal. When he is ready, I promise to let you know as soon as he’s able to have visitors again.

Lastly, another praise to God: The CT scan of his brain showed NO swelling!!! Before I left this evening, the spinal tap culture still showed no results of bugs growing! YIPPEE!!! Truly, God has healed him!!!!

I’m sorry I can’t respond to each text, email, voicemail, etc. Know in your hearts how much joy and encouragement it gives all of us to hear from you. I have been reading every word and holding on to every encouragement. It has been my lifeline. I love you. WE love you.


William’s Wife


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

20 responses to “William’s condition, update on the “after-hours””

  1. Hope Stadnicki says :

    Dear William and Jenet (aka William’s wife :): You don’t know me personally, I am a friend -of-a-friend, living in FL. I was asked to pray for your situation a few days ago and wanted you to know that I am rejoicing with you in Jesus our Healer!! His promises are yes and Amen because of the finished work of the cross! Believing with you for total and complete recovery and, contrary to what the doctors are declaring about it being a “slow process”, his complete healing will be quickened so that even the doctors will be amazed….all for the Glory of our God and, yes, for that testimony to others. I have come to LOVE the scripture in Revelation that says “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy”….may many come to Jesus and be saved and healed because of your testimony!!
    Rejoicing with you!

  2. Wendy Hilkerbaumer says :

    Jenet, this is truly a miracle in the making. God bless you and Will and your entire family. I will pray for continued healing of Will. I think he is a lucky man to have you for his wife and his loving family. I post on Facebook everyday Will’s progress. You must know that there are people who have never met Will, but they continue to pray. They too have witnessed this miracle. God is truly great!!

  3. Marcy says :

    I am family and friend to Kathy Hanson. She has brought you and Will and your sons (born and yet to be born) into my prayer life. What a BLESSING it has been to get to know you through your blogs! With all the prayer pouring into the throne room of Heaven, I believe the “long road” to complete healing will become a “short road” as the prayers overflow and the miracle healing continues! There are so many people praying and loving you that you don’t even know!!! God has raised us up Himself because you are so precious to Him 🙂 Oh, how He loves you!!!

  4. Jennifer says :

    Recovery will be your “new” normal for awhile; I’ll be praying for you for a good long while! We’re about a month and a half out and Erick still tires VERY easily; could be 6 months, might be a lifetime of new normal for us. But I’ll TAKE it!!! As I know you will! We’ll pray that Will can get off all meds as quickly as possible to get back to normal; they are a blessing when needed but it’s always nice to say goodbye!
    Have a fantastic, blessed day!

  5. K. Hanson says :

    Praising God with you at the corner Will has turned. It is hard to wrap your mind around how quickly everything is changing. From Sunday to Friday, you all have travelled an incredible road. We’ve all been reminded of how fragile life is, how sweet and powerful is the love of family and friends, that God is still working and loves to be asked. I am so, so happy for your news!

  6. julie bartolini says :

    rejoicing with you Jenet. what wonderful news. i will continue to pray for full healing in Will’s body!!

  7. Jacki Rowell says :

    This is just such wonderful news. I was crying tears of joy just reading it as you were last night. As I have all week, will continue to pray for Will’s recovery. Stay strong and as the song says, “He never lets go, through the calm and through the storms”.

    Much love,


  8. Bobby & Debbie Deneke says :

    Your blog is an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness and your standing on His Word!
    Rejoice! Praise You, Jesus! Glory to You, God! Bless you, William’s wife!

  9. Cathy Jones says :

    So happy to hear Will is doing better! The Bible says, “The Lord does not count slowness as some would count slowness…” and “if it seems slow, wait for it…” I know those days leading up to this turn-around seemed so long…. It is amazing how once God acts, timing is irrelevant. We can just be thankful and bask in His love for us. We praise Him with you and will pray for continued and complete healing. (By the way, Dr. Goodell is Tim’s neurologist too. I really like him. He’s honest and knows his stuff.) Tim and Cathy

  10. Bruce says :

    Well, now that I do not have eye sweat anymore thinking of Will I can tell you a certain problem that you may have now……You are not getting Colt back! He and Otis have bonded. They hunt birds in the back yard all day, eat each others food, fight over saying Hi to me when I come home and then go out and point at butterflies, bees, dove and quail. I can certainly tell that this is Will’s dog and he really misses his master!
    Keep up the good fight!

  11. virginia drackley says :

    What a blessing this news is to all of us to hear. To God be the Glory, what greatness He has done :-))) We have just learned that we sometimes have to go through the Valleys to stand upon the mountains of God. Again, to God be the Glory. Our prayers are continually with you Jenet , Will and sons.
    Hugs and prayers Bruce and Virginia

  12. Grandma says :

    Dear Will, Jenet, Carter, and little one to come. you have become very dear to many people this week. I suspect we all have had our faith recharged many times over as we’ve read your blog. Your Church family has spread across the U.S.A. to overseas like a wildfire. God has rained blessings down on His children because of love given so freely to you. Will’s family consider yourself hugged. You’ll be prayed for until you say uncle. Audrey

  13. Kevin Schuck says :

    Jenet (& Will!!)- I’m thrilled and heartened to read the latest update and I/we praise God, The Healer for His miraculous work!! We humbly & earnestly prayed for you all again at our Band of Brothers this morning. God continue to bless you, heal you, grow you, sustain you & show His mighty power in and through you.
    Kevin & Kim Schuck

  14. Dawn says :


  15. Erin says :

    Praise God, Praise God, Prais our loving Father God!! Alleluia, still praying for every big and small step along the way. Can’t wait to read the next blessed entry and great steps that God has taken in healing Will.

    Love James and Erin

  16. Jon, Rachel Solsvik & Family says :

    Jenet, William, Carter and little Brother …
    The events over this past week have been nothing short of heartbreaking turned miracle. Williams strength and the continued prayers and support from his forever growing supporters, has brought a remarkable miracle…. William is a man whom you never forget, even if you’ve met him once, to know him personally is an honor, and one to be cherished.
    It was such a blessing to share a few minutes with William, yesterday afternoon!! He seems to be getting back to himself, to see him smile and laugh, was AWESOME. I realize the road ahead will have its moments, ups and downs!! Please feel free to call upon my wife and I, if you need anything.

    God Bless to all of you and the journey ahead….

  17. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    Jenet – no need to respond to each of our emails. Your updates are a God-send and the last few have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO encouraging and uplifting and demonstrative of the miraculous healing power of our Lord. I am so glad to hear that Will is off the ventilator. I’ve been in the ICU with my wife on a vent & and it’s not fun for anyone involved! Will continue to pray.

    Steve & Rita

  18. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    BTW William’s Wife – Happy Mom’s Day!!!!

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