William’s condition, update 5

Hi friends and family – So sorry for not giving an update last night. Sleep was definitely needed. Yesterday, (Friday), was our first day in his recovery room. Did you read that? Recovery Room! What a most beautiful 2 worded fragment!

The exhaustion is setting in with lots of moments of not being able to sleep, due to so many factors; meds wearing off and meds in the system, excitement, uncomfortable hospital bed, constant checking from nurses and docs, etc. One thing he continues to look forward to is YOU! He loves his 5 minute visits with you and he’s been asking me to read the comments you’re leaving on our blog and all the cards we’ve received. Every one of them brings us both to tears as we read them together and continue to realize that God didn’t have to save his life; but he did save my husband, because God is way to good to us! The depth of love that YOU have poured out to us during this crisis is indescribable. As I sit and watch him sleep and type this, we both  know we’ll never be able to say “thank you” enough. You’ll probably never know the depth that you have touched our lives and hearts because of your love. Praise the Lord that he first showed us how to love by dying for us.

So, yesterday was good!

  • William passed his speech therapy test which means we do not need speech therapy! We’re not sure yet on occupation and physical therapy.
  • He took 4 steps forward and back yesterday.
  • Got up 4 times.
  • As we worked the occupation therapy yesterday, it’s very plain to see that William has his physical strength as if nothing ever happened. But his mobility is another issue that we’re trying to teach him again. (by “we”, I mean the OT and him. I just watch as I’m learning.)
  • His taste buds and totally off which makes eating not very exciting.
  • He is seeing double vision, different colors, and shapes, like circles, on everything around him.
  • The ENT specialist came to visit yesterday and we will have a consult with him to see if further surgery is needed to correct his nasal passages. Since William has had a constant runny nose for years now; Dr. Kelsh is beginning to believe, another issue in this matter is that his brain was leaking fluid through his nose. (wow…crazy!) We will see him after being discharged which I’m still confused by so I must continue to ask the right questions.
  • All tests (spinal tap, CT scan, White Blood Cell’s, blood results) are all coming back with flying colors!!!
  • WBC was 8,000 yesterday and we are getting closer to where we need to be. (Thank you Jesus!!)
  • Spinal tap fluid is totally clear and the WBC in there is great.
  • No bacteria is showing up in his blood.
  • CT scan showing no swelling in his brain.
  • Glucose levels are looking great.
  • So, now it’s all about letting the medication continue to work and working on therapy.
  • Oh!! One more thing…William got up to eat his breakfast today and sat in a chair. We’re going to try to eat every meal in a chair. (in other words, out of the bed.)
  • He walked all the way to the shower and back! YIPEE!!

Getting back to real life is like getting closer by one inch every day. Like I’ve said, it’s a long road ahead. But we’re so encouraged right now. Sure, there’s ups and downs, every day, but I couldn’t ask for anything better from where I’m sitting. The Lord is good.

Prayer needs:

  • Sleep…please continue to pray that William can get in to a deep sleep.
  • Please pray his eyes continue to self-correct as that is what the doctors believe will happen and his vision will be restored.
  • His body is so achy; please pray that everyday that passes we get a little closer to him feeling good and gaining mobility.
  • Pray for the possible brain leaking and what direction we need to go with this.
Will’s got such a great attitude right now. For those of you who have been able to sit with him, you can see he’s just William. Just what I and you were praying for; Lord, please give us William back. And He did!! Will doesn’t seem to be angry or upset by any of this; he’s taking it all very well; just hoping his body gets moving and it will with time. (I don’t know about you; but if that were me; I don’t think I’d have such a joyful attitude.) I’m so proud of him.
As I fed him dinner last night, he was joking and saying how nice it was to just get food shoveled in his mouth 🙂  All joking aside later he told me, “it’s just so tiring to even chew!” Oh wow, what an eye opener this has been for us and you, I’m sure, on so many levels. It’s amazing how God constructed every single little piece of our body to work and then to realize the work it takes to get back there. Makes us again realize, God is the healer. And so, we pray.

A couple final things:

  • Carter got more time with Daddy last night! I know Cartie-cakes gets confused by all of this so please pray that when they do get time together, it’s just sweet. He’s also not feeling too well, so pray Cart gets to feeling good quickly. It’s hard to take care of someone else’s baby all day everyday; but even harder when they don’t feel good. We couldn’t be more grateful to my adopted family for giving Carter consistency and love all week long.
  • I know some of you are worried about me. Thank you for your concern. Please do not be worried. I’m getting sleep at night knowing Will is now is such a wonderful place. I get to spend time with Cart in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoon, and evenings. I want you to know I am exactly where I need to be in this room with my husband and there’s no where else in the world I’d rather sit. I am resonating with joy as I get to give him such sweet love by being available for all of his needs.
  • Lastly, I’m going to share something very personal. (as if I haven’t already, right?!) …
  • We have been saving money to buy a car for our family as it’ll be my main vehicle of transportation. (we want to buy in cash as not to live in debt.) We also decided to choose a high deductible insurance plan when purchasing private insurance as we are self-employed. Monday night as I was trying to sleep I realized our deductible and the money we were planning to purchase a car with were the same amount. There are lots of sacrafices we choose to make with money and live below our means so we can afford to stay home and raise our children. We’re choosing what we believe is most important for our family.
  • My prayer request is that I am becoming increasingly worried about how I’m bring my husband home from the hospital and how I’ll be taking 2 children around plus my husband in two and a half months from now. Currently we have his work truck and his high school vehicle (1983 Jeep) and it’s as rustic as it sounds. Not very safe for a family at all. Nor can 2 adults and 2 babies fit in it.
  • I’ve been praying and seeking every possible way in how to remedy this situation and continue to come up to dead ends.
  • This week, the Lord asked me to put my husband at the alter and I didn’t know if he was going to live or not. The Lord allowed me by his grace to have my husband again. He allowed you to have William back; but he didn’t have to. God did it because of His goodness; not because you or I deserve his blessings. I’m finding again this week the Lord is asking me to put this car situation at the alter so He can work through it instead of me trying to control. I’m finding it very hard and I’m not even sure if I explained it correctly. Please join me in praying for my mind to rest and knowing that God will take care of this need. I mean, come on Jenet, the Lord brought your husband back to life.
William’s Wife

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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

20 responses to “William’s condition, update 5”

  1. Wendy Hilkerbaumer says :

    Praise God for Will’s continued healing. I am so happy for your entire family, the relief you must all be feeling. Will, good to have you back!! Work hard, and feel better soon! My continued prayers are for all of you! God is so great! We have “Willy” back.

  2. Lauren says :

    What a recovery! I’ve been getting regular updates from the Judy and Bea duo. I still feel so far away from all of you but hopefully that will change soon.
    Take care of each other and I’m happy for such a positive outcome thus far!

  3. Kim Thompson says :

    Wow this is such a great post, Jenet!! God is so amazing!! He is so amazing that He will cover this new worry of yours too!! Just continue to be faithful and I am quite certain that He will see you through this hurdle too! Monday night at the women’s social I am teaching on “patience”. I am pretty sure that you are going to need alot of this in the months to come. He will give you all you need..just continue to rest in HIM. I love you guys. Oh, and by the way, your dog rocks. We absolutely love him to pieces. It’s like having a piece of Simmons in our house everyday!! He has brought us much joy this week!! xoxo

  4. Kristie says :

    Jenet please send Will our love we are sooooooo glad to have him back. It is hard to stay away but know he needs his rest. Please let us know when it’s ok to come by… his recovery is the most important thing right now. But we do want him to know we think of him every minute! We love you guys….
    God is Good! Love, Kristie & Bill

  5. Susie Berger says :

    First of all, William, now that you are awake, joking, and improving every day and I just know you will continue to improve through all of our prayers and thoughts and concerns. The Lord is good!!!! I would suppose all that you are experiencing will be temporary and improve with time. You must be patient and tenacious with your recovery and William do what the physicians say and follow up with your physician appointments. Jenet, rest and peace , quiet, are important for both of you!!! Let your burdens, fears and concerns be left with Jesus!!! He will supply the way and it will all work out as he has provided for William’s recovery, your strength to endure, he too will take care of your future!!! I continue to pray and think of you everyday as well as Uncle Freemont and Aunt Betty!!!! All our Love , Susie.
    Hope Little Carter isn’t sick!!!!!!

  6. Marilyn Myers says :

    We, and our friends in Maine, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico, are so thrilled to see God’s answer to our prayers that Will be fully recovered! He’s getting there. God is so good and we are thankful to see His work in all your lives. It’s a testimony to Him.
    Thank you for sharing so faithfully on this blog and for giving Him all the glory which He so richly deserves.
    We will continue to pray for Will’s on-going recovery.

  7. Susan Schumpert says :

    So glad to hear that Will is better each day. When my thoughts occasionally get negative or I start to worry about some little thing, I just remember, “Will is OK!” That brings me back to our miraculous God. Joy and light flood over me when I think that you and your boys have him back. Scripture says that God will supply all your needs. The car issue is a God-sized problem. One you can’t work out. So just hand it on over to Him. He’ll do an amazing job with it. I say that from experience. We will pray that He will bless with with the vehicle that He has ready for you.
    We watched our Son-in-law graduate with his Masters Degree today. In March we weren’t sure he’d make it through the day. When Will was in a coma I kept praying that he’d be in the delivery room with you when the time comes. God Bless you tonight and Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

  8. Chris and LaDan Goble says :

    Jenet and Will and little one(s),

    We will continue to pray for protection and healing over all of you!! So excited by God’s blessings in all of this and your heart’s desire to give God all the credit and glory!! How this blesses our King and increases the faith among the Body of Christ. We will be praying for a vehicle…let’s see what our amazing, loving God does!!!!

  9. Robert and Shirley Candelaria says :

    Will, Jenet and Carter,
    This from the “North” country. We rejoice with you and continue to hold you up in prayer. Nothing ….absolutely nothing is without purpose. Pray that you be raised up with a fire inside of you and like Jeremiah it won’t be contained.
    We’ve just come through the ‘resurrection’ season and although not as dramatic as Lazarus you will rise to walk in “NEWNESS of Life”.

  10. Jose Arauz says :

    I’m so thankful that your husband is well 🙂 God is faithful.
    I’m encourage to read how much progress he as done already and I will continue to pray for him.


  11. virginia drackley says :

    We thank you Jenet for keeping us updated on William, and also you and Carter. WE are so encouraged by the recent reports. May God give you strength as you deal with every step of this journey. God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Ps. 46: 1. Our love and hugs Virginia and Bruce

  12. Carrie Tanner says :

    We are so happy that Will is doing so well and that you have so many people that are able to help you. We will continue to pray for healing, strength, wisdom, peace and for your car situation as well.
    ~Carrie, JP and Brooklyn Tanner

  13. Kelly Berger says :

    Will & Janet
    I am thrilled to hear that Will is doing so well! God is so good!!! I have been praying with you from the moment I heard what was happening and will continue to pray for further recovery. Janet, you are an amazing woman! Thank you for keeping us all up to date with your blog. The strength the Lord has given you and how He is being glorified through this all is evident. I rejoice with you in this miracle and pray God’s continued provision and blessing on your family’s life!

  14. Grandma says :

    Thank you Lord for healing Will now we thank you for the car, wonder what color it will be!! Love to you from NM. I see you and Jen are both expecting in Aug and both are boys. We pray for the day Will you will be completely up and at ’em. Jenet you are such a thrilling person to meet just out of the blue. Please dont stop bearing your heart you stated the car problem so well. God loves for his children to share the good and the bad it’s what brings us together as a family and keeps us close to Our Heavenly Father, I know this is a Happy Mother’s day for you, mother of two. Blessings on you as a family this day. Audrey

  15. Brian says :

    Felt God’s presence as we sang his praises this morning. Whether it was the moments after bad news, or the joy following the good news, this whole thing has drawn me closer to God. More dependence – understanding how out of my control life really is, more understanding that our lives are his to give and to take – at any moment, more thankfulness for Christ’s victory over sin and death so we don’t have to fear death, more appreciation for the church and how it operates in carrying burdens, loving, encouraging, and meeting needs, more understanding that his ways are above my ways and that I don’t need to know what He’s doing in order to trust Him, and finally so encouraged to see people calling on the name of Jesus – the author of life and our salvation.

  16. Jennifer says :

    Recovery Room! That is so amazing; how QUICKLY God has started healing Will. *Awesome*!!!
    And honestly, I can’t WAIT to hear your God report about the car/money thing. God will honor your desire to be debt-free and He’ll come through big time; we’ve seen it time and time again in our lives; our recent medical bills are being taken care of when we thought we were going to have to pay for years and years. 🙂 We need a new vehicle too, with our soon to be family of 5…and I’m not even the slightest bit concerned about that problem because I know He has something in store. He delights in taking care of His children!
    Have a wonderful coming week; can’t wait until you are outta there!

  17. Craig Pfeiffer says :

    Hi Will, Jenet and Carter!
    What a week it has been! I can’t remember a time when we’ve experienced grave concern to Joy in such a short time…to God be the glory!! Wish we could be there to see you and tell you how much we love you, but at least we can celebrate God’s Awesome Healing Power at this virtual party. We praise God and give Him thanks for His mercy and love as He heals you and brings you back to us, Will. We continue to pray for your recovery knowing that You Are In His Grip!
    Love to you all,
    Craig, Janet and Kristen

  18. Zech Hargrave says :

    So glad to hear that as the days go by Will is getting better, Know that you are all in my prayers. Just like God answered our prayers for Will he will answer the prayers for your other concerns.

    John 14:12-14 (New Living Translation)

    12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. 13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. 14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!

  19. tracykcarson says :

    So great to see such a good update! Continued prayers for your family in this new season of recovery!

  20. Bobby & Debbie Deneke says :

    Your updates are Glorious to God and encouraging to all of us! Remember, God didn’t bring William this far to leave anything “incomplete” or lacking. This might be where the fight comes in, believing through to the end of total restoration. The battle, but it belongs to the Lord, just keep believing. His Word has everything you need.
    On a different note, Cellfood and Silica (we buy ours from the Water Connection in Arcadia) and Danactive (at any grocery). Look in to it. Worthwhile.
    God bless you and your family.

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