William’s condition, update 7 … HOMEBOUND!!!

We are going home tomorrow!!!! Thanks, Lord!!!

The recovery process will start again on a different level. One week after being admitted to the ER where the doctors didn’t think my husband would survive, he will be WALKING out…WOW!! (albeit with a walker, but still!)

William will come home with his pic line and continue the antibiotic treatment for another week. Once the medication has finished we’ll visit with the infectious disease doctor to make sure Will’s looking good. He’s still going to have to take life very slow, which I know will be a challenge for him, but a necessary one that he can’t fight right now. Then, we’ll visit with the ENT specialist to see if there’s any work that needs to be done on his sinuses. All of our doctors are fully confident in Will’s recovery and sending him home; they’re still shocked at his progress. Still shocked…I’m finding that still shocking.

Will’s been walking with energy around the floor on & off just about all day. He’s starting to wear me out 🙂  yeah!!! He doesn’t need any sort of therapy!!!! We’ll just continue to pray for his ongoing recovery, headaches, eyesight, equilibrium, and patience in healing. I’m so excited he’ll be home with us! And we get to spend peaceful time at home, relaxing, and enjoying Carter & Colton again!!! Thanks Lord for our richly blessed life!!

I think I’m going to hang a price tag on him that reads “priceless.” The truth is Will is worth any amount to me!! (And thank the Lord for catastrophic coverage!!) After visiting with the insurance department today, I actually am praising the Lord that we were able to pay for our deductible and out of pocket costs…another blessing! They were shocked I was ready and willing to pay our bill, which shocked me that people don’t pay their hospital bills. We practice who we want to ultimately be, and this is part of the integrity we want to live by. We have to answer to Jesus, not bill collectors!

I’m so glad the picture of Will & Cartie pleased so many of you. They’re both so handsome! We’ll try to take a family picture tomorrow as we say goodbye to the wonderful care given to us by Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. I’ll post it tomorrow!

Thank you for all your support, love and prayers. We have needed you this week, and you were more than there…you stepped in like a champion!


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

11 responses to “William’s condition, update 7 … HOMEBOUND!!!”

  1. Elizabeth Bae says :

    definitely priceless!!! So happy the whole Simmons clan will be home. Let me know when I can come visit… I miss you guys!

  2. Christina Kang says :

    So happy to hear that Will’s recovery is going so strong…and it’s wonderful that he will be home with the family. Sending our love your way!

  3. Jon Solsvik says :

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME >>>> what else can be said. Going home …. what a relief for all of you!! I cant wait to see Will again and have a few laughs!! Jenet, I agree with you, “Priceless” … I have an army of searches looking for a Jeep Cherokee worth buying and that doesn’t need a lot of work.

    PS … The pic of you and Carter and your giant smile, says it all….

  4. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    HOMEWARD BOUND…two beautiful words and all thanks to our Lord & Savior. What a miraculous recovery in such a short time…a demonstration of the healing power of God. Again, we didn’t know you personally a week ago, but we’ve shared in your lives over the past week & feel we know you. Thanks for sharing and we WILL continue to pray (no pun intended)!!!

    Steve & Rita

  5. Steph says :

    We are celebrating with you and your family Jenet and praising God for performing a modern day miracle in front of all of our eyes!!!

  6. Grandma says :

    HOME!! the sweetest word we know on the human level. We know your hearts are overflowing with gratitude to our Awesome God and the awesome doctors and nurses and all hospital staff workers. Life will not be the same for any of us who have stood on the sidelines and cheered you on with prayers and love, Many of us dont know you personally but we do spiritually. See you in Heaven some day and we’ll know you immediately. Bless you all love you Audrey

  7. Jennifer says :

    HOME!? Not enough words!!!!!!!! That’s incredible. 🙂
    Erick had the picc line for a couple of weeks once we got home; you’ll really be celebrating once that thing is out of there! And a month and a half out he’s still having to take things slow…very slow. But there will hopefully be an end to that; all in God’s good time. 🙂 Just like for Will…and looks like God’s timing went super fast for ya’ll! Too awesome!
    I’m so happy for you! Praise praise praise!!!!!

  8. Danna says :

    Yay! This is such amazing news! God is good!

  9. Zech Hargrave says :

    Praise the Lord. So happy that you all get to be back in the comfort of your own home. Praying that the rest of Wills recovery goes well.

  10. Susie Berger says :

    Wow, Jenet will you be doing IV care with antibiotics, flushing the line etc. I guess Homecare will teach you how to do this and PICC Dressing change weekly by the nurses nd teach you to look for s/s around PICC site!!!!! Geez!!! Wish I could be there to help you out but I am sure you will be a great caregiver!!!!!! Worth being home then in a hospital bed!!!! William you behave and do what Jenet says in order to get you healed!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!! Love Susie

  11. Faye Balfe says :

    I have not been on your site for a few days, so I was excited to see that William is on his way home. Good work Will. With the power of prayer and your will power, it sounds like you came through with flying colors.
    I will continue to pray for you and hope that you are 100% real soon.
    It sounds like you will be needed when that new arrival comes.
    Your cousin from MN

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