William’s condition, blessings abound

As Will & I continue to talk about the last 2 weeks of our life, we both keep realizing, we’re not even past this enough to be retrospective yet. But what we do continue to realize is how good God is. So, we decided we need to continue to be fully aware of His goodness and share that with others.

This isn’t just about Will getting sick and God performing, nothing short of, a modern day miracle in his life. This is also about you and what you learned living life with us the past 2 weeks. Maybe you were one of the people who walked every step with us or maybe you watched quietly from the background. You could have been called to prayer. We’ve been told by a few people that they’ve never seen such a call to prayer with such a bold responce. WOW! So, I wonder, what was God stirring up in them as they watched? Maybe you were in another state but on the phone with me daily offerring your medical advice or you hopped on a plane without telling me, knowing I’d have talked you out of it. Only to come and be the best help to me for three days. Maybe you listened to the voice of God and responded or shut him out, again. It doesn’t matter because you still saw what happened and you, nor I, can deny His goodness.

Again, let me say, I’m bragging about how good God is. I’ve been thinking about so many different aspects of this and here’s a few:

  • What if William had not survived? God still would have been good. He still would have reigned supreme. My life would have changed dramatically; but because of his survival our life together has changed. Medically, it didn’t look like Will should have survived. His doctors were not going to give me an ounce of hope to hold on to. But like I said before, medicine is good and doctors are great, but God heals!
  • As we would talk about our life stories, Will would tell me from time to time that he’s never had to walk through anything challenging that the Lord set before him. Now, we get to walk through this beautiful testimony together and he is handling it with such grace and joy. I’m so proud.
  • My best friend, (from Texas), was coming in on Monday, (same day that Will was rushed to the ER), we were going to spend Tuesday together. Let our boys play together, eat some ice cream…etc. No big deal, right? She can come sit with me at the hospital. She ended up getting very sick which spread to her whole family. So, for safety measure, she couldn’t come see me risking the spread of another illness. My first reaction was, “Lord, what in the world? She’s finally earshot distance away and I can’t see her? In MY time of need.” (ahhh…but it’s not all about me.) So, the day before she leaves, we decided she’d come over to the house…NOPE!…her poor hubby got sick and now the risk was she could be carrying the bug. We can’t risk heading back to the ER because I want to be selfish and see my friend. I’m not upset about it…actually, it’s all a little bit funny now. Her & I talk everyday. Literally. We both have that reliance on one another for encouragement, support, etc. Now, I can see that if she were there, I would have relied on her when God needed me to press into Him. He was asking me to be a big girl.
  • Coming home God lifted the biggesst burden off our shoulders. Our car situation. You would think the Lord bringing my loving husband out of a coma would be enough of a gift, right? But there is no end to His love. There’s no limit to his blessings and I’d be a fool to say, “no thanks” to any of it! 🙂 He provided the perfect car for our family this week and we’re both still shocked at how good He is to us. For ten months, we prayed for His leading in this place of our life because we choose to honor Him in all areas; that includes money. Thank you, Lord!!!

I don’t know exactly why I’m making such a big deal about this. I think it’s because too many people have a false view of God. When our life is going good, we love God. And, when life is a little off kilter, we blame God for the bad. But, people, we’ve got to look at what scripture says and that is not true. We like to put God in our pocket and order Him around, but when those tables are turned, it can be uncomfortable when your view of God is a little murky. (like Will’s spinal fluid was…sorry, is it too soon for jokes?!)  Remember, we’re finite people in His infinite world.

*Health updates: We’ll be seeing Will’s doctors this week for our follow up visits and find out whatever route of treatment is needed beyond here.

*We wanted to say thank you for those of you who dropped off meals to us this week. You may not think much of it but it’s meant so much to us! Will & I just loved catching up with you and hearing from you what you saw God do lately.


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

4 responses to “William’s condition, blessings abound”

  1. tracykcarson says :

    Awesome, Jenet! We have continued to pray and are so thankful for your awesome testimony!

  2. Grandma says :

    Christainity is all about faith as we well know. When we pray the Bible tells us God answers when we come with faith. You cant pray and then hope it happens know it is already in the works and thank Him. What color is your new car????!!! Audrey

  3. Jennifer says :

    haha, i love seeing my grandma’s comments on here. 🙂 isn’t the web amazing; how it connects us?!
    i am THRILLED about your new car-God is just so GOOD! What an adventure, what a testimony. He is good ALL the time, no matter what!

  4. Amy Moller says :

    I would say that over the past 2 weeks I have personally been blessed as I watched your response to this. I have learned so much from your application of God’s Word to your trial. Thank you for your “Titus 2” friendship…even though you hardly know me and we never see each other! I can learn from the younger woman!
    Blessings to you, William and to BOTH your sons!
    Love in our Lord,

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