William’s condition, update 9

Remember that silly not being able to whistle thing? Well…as the week went on, William noticed he wasn’t able to do other things like drink through a straw as easily. Then, as he smiled we noticed the left side of his face was droopy. How strange.

We also found out yesterday test results came back positive for a CSF leak. In other words, his sniffly nose is actually leaking brain fluid. Great! Now we have direction of where to go from here.

Once I talked to the (multiple) doctors today they decided between the two issues this isn’t something to wait on. The neurological aspect had them worried.

Here’s what I love … the doctors kept using this phrase, “it just so happens I was sitting next to your ENT this morning and discussing your story, (or, the neurosurgeon, or, you internist, etc.)” About two years ago Pastor Heath would mention this phrase through his sermons and it got us both laughing…this idea of “something, just so happenning.” We just don’t believe it; like luck, I’ve never believe in the idea of luck. Obviously the Lord still has work to do with us and through us at this hospital and through these relationships. But, I find so much comfort listening to the doctors stories of chatting about Will before they got my phone call, knowing how the mighty hand of Lord is in total control here.

So, anyways, we were admitted back in and my joyful husband was so gentle about it all. We did get results from his MRI scan on the brain which looked great! It showed that what he has is Bells Palsy. It’s like there’s a nerve in his brain that is being stepped on and obstructed which is causing the left side of his face to not be as responsive. As our internist said, this the was best news he was hoping for…phew!

The schedule was to also do a CT scan (which would have been done anyways due to the brain fluid) and another spinal tap to see what direction we need to go with the “leaky faucet” of his nose. Well, his nose stopped leaking. Tonight, I’m going to be praying that his nose starts leaking again so we can get the ball rolling. Join me in prayer. Or at least, pray that the Lord will reveal what we need to know. We’ll know more details tomorrow!

Another piece of good news is that we saw the opthamologist today who doesn’t believe he needs any sort or eye surgery and that the vision will continue to correct. How long will that take? It just takes time. Could be a couple weeks or a year.

Another piece of good news … our internist was telling us about how him and his wife have been trying to have a baby and have had many issues. We briefly told him out story of being told we weren’t able to get pregnant and instead of invitro we decided to pray and seek the Lord. He seemed so encourged by our little story. So, let’s be praying for him and his wife as well.


William’s wife


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

8 responses to “William’s condition, update 9”

  1. Christine says :

    I am moved by your writings…God bless you both and keep His face to shine upon you. will be praying.
    Christine Moussa

  2. Grandma says :

    Looks like you are the catalyst for God reaching a good many people. I heartly agree on the status of the so called magic of the word luck. Just think how many couples will hear about your story of your parenthood!!!! I marvel at how many Drs. are on your case. Are they all believers ?if not you have a great mission field. Love and prayers Audrey Robinson

  3. Kaarin Puhala says :

    Tell Will that if he really didn’t want a meal from me tonight, he could have just said so. No need to go to such extremes! Ha Ha. Just kidding of course. Praying for all of this with fervor. I admire your faithfulness and surrender to the Lord. Be strong and courageous! Love all of you.
    ps – I will give you a raincheck on the meal – I’ll plan to make it for you after Will gets home. 🙂

  4. K. Hanson says :

    Jenet and Will – you two are wonderful – honest, true, inspiring, faithful. I’m sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. I’m praying with you. Love, Kathy

  5. Zech Hargrave says :

    Glad to hear that things are looking good, will continue to be in prayer . I remember Pastor Heath using them words just like it was yesterday.

  6. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    Wow ..quite a turn of events. At the same time God is directing all this, Will’s condition, the docs analysis and decisions, timing (better now that later when the “repair” might not be easy or available at all), both of your faithfulness, the amazing outreach to those around you..including this individual…and total surrender to God. Prayers will continue………..

  7. khalto m says :

    I will be praying with you ..
    love you all.

  8. Kim Thompson says :

    Praying for you guys!!!!

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