William’s condition, update 11

“It’s a good thing I’m so even keel”, William said as we were driving yesterday. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord not only creates us; but completely and utterly fine tunes everything about us! (Of course, that being dependant on how much we allow Him in our lives…but I’m speaking from our perspective.) “Oh, yes, it is!” I respond, as I think about anyone else (like me) who’d have to walk in his shoes for the past month.

A piece of good news to share is that the rash is starting to go away, as is the swelling. He’s starting to look like his handsome self more and more.

The Bells Palsy is quite interesting. Some days, I can really notice it and other days, I can’t. From what we understand and have read, this is just something else that takes time to heal, as do the eyes. It does seem like his body responded well to the medicine.

William has started to resume normal life again by going to work for a few hours or working from home. His energy level is still somewhat low but that’s to be expected and pretty minor, if you ask me!

More news…I’m not classifying this as good or bad. We knew it would come back regardless. Will’s nose started to leak again (aka: brain fluid). Before I go on, let me share our prayer request with you. Please pray that we will have wisdom in making decisions for Will’s treatment. Moving forward right now is the best thing we can think to do as a replay of this past month is what we are trying to avoid. We feel confident with the direction we’re heading and we’re both so thankful that before this happened, God ordained it all from the beginning. He gave us such wonderful and wise doctors that have gotten to know William and his “case” so well. They have taken phenomenal care of my husband. The plan for now is to move forward with the CT scan for Dr. Kelsh to identify exactly where this leak is coming from. Afterwards, we’ll have more decisions to make. But, you can see all we get is one step at a time. William has started another antibiotic, to be preventative of the menangitus not attacking him again since the nose did start to leak. Please pray that his body does not have an adverse reaction. It’s not penicilin related so I think we’ll be ok.

 “Comfort others with the comfort you’ve received from the God of all comforts.” (loosely translated, my version) The theme of this verse has been circling in my brain for quite some time. I’ve always found it to be so true. Take recently, for example, I never would have known what living a medical trial is like unless the Lord made us walk it. I think we’re both still suprised by it all, but our trust is in Him that he will use us to comfort others. As for us, the only way we’re able to comfort others is through the love of Christ. Otherwise, where does comfort come from?

Thoughts…(you don’t have to read this part.)

I watched the final episode of Oprah in between falling asleep as my almost two year old was napping. It was to be filled with her “love letter.” Sounded sweet. She proceeded to read comments sent to her by viewers who, in their words, without her would not have known better for their lives; some of which were very extreme and broken cases/people. I just thought to myself, this is so sad. It takes someone like Oprah to open up peoples eyes when we have Jesus. He is what they need to be healed, to know better, to do better. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. It’s just odd that I can’t shrug it away and it totally saddened me. Maybe it’s because I know where I belong and who my Healer is. But also too, before knowing Christ, I would have been one of them. Someone who was searching in this great big world for definition and purpose; praise the Lord, I found it through Him!


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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

3 responses to “William’s condition, update 11”

  1. Kristie says :

    Jenet, we will pray that the leaky nose leads the Dr. to the leaky sinus so they can proceed with treatment, glad Will is feeling better. You two are an amazing testimony to the amazing miracles God can perform if only you put your trust in him. Thank you for the lessons we have all learned from this, we love you all and continue to pray for healing for Will and blessings for your beautiful family. Love, Kristie

  2. Grandma says :

    Will has gone through a lot and still has this leakage to get fixed. Just think if it hadn’t been for the other the leakage might not have been found with such a good Dr. to give his help. Will is going to be in better health than ever before. You have gone through a time of great stress and yet you are giving strength to a great many people. God sees all and knows all. I can hear Him saying well done thou good and faith servant Jenet. Audrey R

  3. Amy Moller says :

    We’ll keep praying!
    ps. you are right on about the Oprah thing, I was thinking the same thing.

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