Pendants with a Purpose

So, all of our posts have been about what’s going on with our family, medically. Just to take a break today and hoping to reach a broader range of people, I thought I’d share with you, yet another miracle God’s done recently. Brag about God a little?? Why not?!

Recently, friends, Cate & Sean, adopted the cutest little boy. (He’s the kind of cute that you want to smother in kisses all day!) Increasing their family from 3 girls to 3 girls + 1 boy. I can only imagine how much fun they’re having and how much fun they will have as they grow up together! God showed up in such a huge way and I only saw a little picture of this bigger story. I saw my own heart melt as I listened to Cate share with me details of their adoption process. I felt the Lord wake me in the middle of the night to pray feverently for their family. I begged God to give them the sweetest dropping from heaven; their son. Of course, God showed up. He made it known that he gave them such a beautiful gift. After all, He is the giver of all good gifts!

Something they were able to do with raising funds for their adoption was to sell the most beautiful necklaces. God met their needs financially and they still have necklaces left over!

Here’s the connection …

They’re going to continue to sell these and donate all of the funds to other friends of ours, Bruce & Kim, who are also beginning the adoption process. I think this is so much fun!! And what a great gift they make. We go to Old Town Bible Church with Bruce, Kim, & their 4 sweet children. We adore this family and love watching how they are raising their children in a Christ centered home. They’ve been a wonderful example to us as we’ve been raising Carter. (side note: this is the family who took care of our crazy, wild, spirited dog for 8 days while we were in the hospital!)

These families are accumulated of rock solid – down to earth – good people…that combination does not come around too often! So, if you’ve got friends that meet those descriptions; nurture those friendships! They’re are really rare.

Buy a necklace and know your money went to bring home a sweet child into a loving family.

Adopted. Just like us; children of Christ. He adopted us.

Cate’s blog:

  • This is where you can get in touch with her to purchase the necklace. Or just see how pretty they are!

Kim’s blog:

  • Our friends who will financially benefit from your love.

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We are two people that love each other & our sweet baby boy. We love the simplicities in life like sitting outside when the weather is beautiful, going for a drive, snuggling in our jammies. We love our family & friends.

2 responses to “Pendants with a Purpose”

  1. Kim Thompson says :

    You’re the best. What awesome friends we have. Thank you for loving us…and our future baby!! We are blessed. xoxo

  2. Steve & Rita Hungett says :

    What a sweet thought & gesture. We certainly will purchase a necklace. I’m Bruce & Kim’s step-dad and grandpa to their 4 kids and love them dearly and we’re sooooo excited about their planned new addition.

    We continue to keep your family in prayer.


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