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A Thanksgiving Recipe:Abrahamic Stuffing

My amazing best friend, wrote about a recipe for success today. Especially during the holidays when most of go a little, say … crazy! A good crazy, of course. Details, planning, shopping and being totally worn out before an event begins! Hop over to her site, One Degree Ministries, and read her recipe for success! Maybe we can all try following it too!

A fun giveaway… if you leave a comment on her site, you’ll be entered to win a pillow from my Etsy shop, Dwelling Post!

We’ll talk soon!


Hope by Dwelling Post


Dwelling Post

Most reading this already know, I’ve opened an Etsy shop! Dwelling Post  Stop by and check it out! I love, love, love the products I make and am so happy others do too! Thanks to all who have been such great cheerleaders in my little endeavour!!!!

The name of the shop, Dwelling Post, was inspired by Psalms 91. The last three verses of this Psalms is what many of us prayed over William last summer as God was beginning to heal him. Here’s a link for Psalms 91.

We’ll talk soon!


It’s THAT Time of Year, Again!

The time when all the talk is Christmas! Cards, gifts, parties & pausing long enough remember what’s most important this season. I could spend all day looking at different Christmas cards. Really, no exaggeration here. I’ve ordered cards from multiple companies. Some I’d return to, others I wouldn’t. This year though, I found Have you seen this site?! It’s unbelievable!!! There’s plenty of custom configurations, like changing the shape, text and colors, to your cards. So, even if a friend chooses the same design as yours, it’ll still look unique!

I love cards. I’m so old-fashioned, at heart. Hand written loving messages or just a good family pictures. I love them all! In fact, I keep majority of mine because more often than not, I don’t have a family pictures of those I love. And, if I did, one kid in the family would more often than not be screaming through the picture. So, at least now I have a perfect picture another photographer got to work on. I love looking at them throughout the joyous season. Then, I’ll be forced to file them away after the season ends. (sniff, sniff) Until next year, that is.

I often show pictures to my boys and explain to Carter who the people are. Or, he explains it to me! Mr. Smarty Pants. Which is another reason I love keeping them!

Here’s a few from that I adore! They’re all so different which just speaks to the great company and amount of customizations you can do!

Minted Card

I love the scalloped border on this one!

Minted Card 2

The thought bubbles totally had me chuckling!

Minted Card 3

This was called a “Minibook card”, from

Have fun shopping!!! I know I am!