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A Thanksgiving Recipe:Abrahamic Stuffing

My amazing best friend, wrote about a recipe for success today. Especially during the holidays when most of go a little, say … crazy! A good crazy, of course. Details, planning, shopping and being totally worn out before an event begins! Hop over to her site, One Degree Ministries, and read her recipe for success! Maybe we can all try following it too!

A fun giveaway… if you leave a comment on her site, you’ll be entered to win a pillow from my Etsy shop, Dwelling Post!

We’ll talk soon!


Hope by Dwelling Post


Dwelling Post

Most reading this already know, I’ve opened an Etsy shop! Dwelling Post  Stop by and check it out! I love, love, love the products I make and am so happy others do too! Thanks to all who have been such great cheerleaders in my little endeavour!!!!

The name of the shop, Dwelling Post, was inspired by Psalms 91. The last three verses of this Psalms is what many of us prayed over William last summer as God was beginning to heal him. Here’s a link for Psalms 91.

We’ll talk soon!


It’s THAT Time of Year, Again!

The time when all the talk is Christmas! Cards, gifts, parties & pausing long enough remember what’s most important this season. I could spend all day looking at different Christmas cards. Really, no exaggeration here. I’ve ordered cards from multiple companies. Some I’d return to, others I wouldn’t. This year though, I found Have you seen this site?! It’s unbelievable!!! There’s plenty of custom configurations, like changing the shape, text and colors, to your cards. So, even if a friend chooses the same design as yours, it’ll still look unique!

I love cards. I’m so old-fashioned, at heart. Hand written loving messages or just a good family pictures. I love them all! In fact, I keep majority of mine because more often than not, I don’t have a family pictures of those I love. And, if I did, one kid in the family would more often than not be screaming through the picture. So, at least now I have a perfect picture another photographer got to work on. I love looking at them throughout the joyous season. Then, I’ll be forced to file them away after the season ends. (sniff, sniff) Until next year, that is.

I often show pictures to my boys and explain to Carter who the people are. Or, he explains it to me! Mr. Smarty Pants. Which is another reason I love keeping them!

Here’s a few from that I adore! They’re all so different which just speaks to the great company and amount of customizations you can do!

Minted Card

I love the scalloped border on this one!

Minted Card 2

The thought bubbles totally had me chuckling!

Minted Card 3

This was called a “Minibook card”, from

Have fun shopping!!! I know I am!

Monkey Sees & Trevor Does

It’s precious to watch how much Trevor copies, imitates and responds to Carter. Carter loves it because he gets to be the boss (for a minute or two.) I’m starting to see how the Lord is connecting their hearts to one another. And the impact praying has for their relationship as brothers and friends. Not only does praying help them but myself & William as well. It keeps me mindful of how to help steer them in how they treat one another. Growing deeper in the knowledge of the Lord and the scriptures He gave us gives wisdom.

The new obsession. Cartie’s “Jeep.”

Trevor following suit.

Each time Cartie whizzes by, Trev makes this shocked and excited face! Like, did you see that?! The world’s best jeep driver just passed by us!!! He sure is Cart’s biggest fan. We’ll be making signs soon and holding them up when Cart rides.

World’s Best Driver stopped for a snapshot. He litterally said “Take a picture, Momma!” Then after three shots, he was done posing and said, “No more pictures.” I think he’s funny!

Took a break to show baby bro how to get on the bike. What a sweet, helpful heart he has. “See Trev, do this….”

The Much Anticipated Party

Preparing for the big day …


The day of the “Train Park Birthday” has finally arrived. All week long, Carter would tell us what “the Man” says: ALL ABOARD! And yet, it never got tiring hearing him yell those words. His excitment was so genuine. We would list all his friends by name that were coming and with each friends name, he would look at me with a great, big smile. This boy is one after my own heart. He treasures relationships!

The big smile face …

It all worked out so perfect and wonderfully. I asked the Lord that my boys would be blessed by each persons presence who was there. And they were. Look around, I could see that each person celebrating our babies really loved our family.  It was one of those days in which I could take note of the work of the Lord in our life. We work hard at maintaining healthly, loving relationships with those in our life and because of the Lord’s blessings, our boys are being blessed. And, it makes this momma’s heart, happy!

The boys were celebrated. Everyone had a blast. And we were blessed immeasurably! Thank you to all who were able to be there. We love you!

Group shot

Whose Opinion Counts?

I’ve talked so much about her. My best friend, Tracy, is guest blogging on Lyn Cowell’s website today! Lyn is a speaker and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

The article is all about our image as women, wives, mommies & daughters of the Lord. She’s giving a healthy reminder of how to look at ourselves and the connections it has with our husbands and kiddos. Go over to Lyn’s blog and read Tracy’s post. Write a comment and you’ll be entered to win her amazing bible study book!

Tracy also writes on her own site at:

Take a preview of her book at:

Or just go hog-wild and buy it:

Big Change

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