A Year of Our Second Son

Happy Birthday, Trevor! You’re 1 year old! Wow … it’s amazing and slightly dizzying how quickly we’ve loved a year of our life as a family of four.

Trevor’s birthday to us will alway be a marker in time of God’s abundant graciousness. I remember after his birth (yet, again) being in awe of what God did last summer in our lives. I remember being in the recovery room, overwhelmed with emotion, thinking (yet, again) God didn’t have to give William back to us. He did and I’m forever thankful for the Lord’s love and graciousness to me. I remember the look of certain people’s eyes when they met Trevor. When they looked at me, William & Trev in the hospital because I knew in my heart, they were thinking the same thing … (Thank you Lord, for not making Jenet a single mom. Thank you for answered prayers.)

A final thought…

How does one go from a little package like this:

To a curly hair, melt my heart, cutie pie:


A Momma To Boys

I love being a momma to boys. Maybe it’s because I love everything about these pictures. I’m comfortable with mud and sticky slimy lizards. I love turning anything from a finger to a baby carrot into an instant hand gun. Because, well, you just never know when you’re going to need to shoot something! I love watching the ridiculous amount of jumping off stations Cartie finds and how baby Trev will watch with serious wonder and amazement. (“Ohh, if only my legs could do that” he thinks.)

Muddy days + lizard chasing

Tot Time

I’ve been doing “Tot Time” with Carter since Trevor was born. I was figuring out how to get one on one time with him amidst having a newborn. It started to work beautifully!


tot time – parent-directed, child-led, fun, educational activity.

So, this is my definition of it. There is a momma who started it all and many mommy bloggers who follow her. So her website is packed full of information, ideas, and inspiration to get started.



We do tot time when Trevor takes a nap. It can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Carter feels so important when I give him that time. A ground rule is, when it’s not fun any longer, we stop and move on to the next thing I have planned. This isn’t drill sheets in school … it’s laid back time at home with mommy.  Remember, you can’t mess it up!

Here’s an example of our first tot time. Months ago, we were focusing on colors. I soon learned that for Carter to stay engaged and keep it fun, I had to follow his lead of how to learn colors. Simply naming the colors in the book wasn’t working for him. He was bored within ten seconds. So, when he was able to repeat the colors after me, or identify them on his own, he was able to “hammer” the colored page in the book. Literally with his hammer. Then we moved onto shapes, their colors, stacking and hammering, of course. Later we continued as he helped me with dinner. Talking about the colors of food and peeling orange carrots!

My goal is to keep him busy for an hour. That may include one activity or six! I’d encourage all you mommies (and daddies) to start somewhere with this. I made it sound so simple. Because, it is. It needs to be simple for my little guy. Some kids may want 10 sheets with colors, letters, and numbers…but that would drive my boy wild! So, instead, I work with him in what I can with mostly hands on stuff. The next post will be about hands on alphabet learning.

Twenty Years Time

After I changed my youngest into his pajamas last night, we proceeded to join my oldest in a round of legos, I was unusually quiet. So quiet that my two-year old asked me to start talking to his younger brother. “Momma, talk to Trev-Trev”, he said. He’s intuitive in that way. He could tell I was deep in thought. Good thoughts. I was thinking about my mom, Aida. I was wondering if she enjoyed moments like we were having. Legos. Pajama snuggles. Good night hugs and kisses. Heart warming moments. Listening to my sons babble back and forth with each other. Giggles to no end. Watching my youngest give his big brother a hug with a smile, as wide as river, on his face. Remembering a hug can say it all.

Of course!

That’s the most obvious answer.

 Of course, she loved those moments.

I was thinking about her because this day marks when the Lord took her home to be with Jesus forever. In fact, it marks 20 years. It seems like such a long time. Big number. 20. Seems significant and surreal. Twenty. Much of my life feels surreal.

Now I do the things she did well and loved. Staying home to raise our boys. Playing with them. Having fun in the kitchen with them. Tousling their hair. Tickling their back.

20 years is long time to miss someone. It feels like I’ve lived two different lives. Of which I do. Two different childhoods. Two different beliefs of god. Here’s the silver lining: the Lord is good. Because missing her now, doesn’t hurt. It makes me thankful for what the Lord gave me. How he filled the voids in my heart thereafter with Himself, the promise of His scriptures, people, and the life He has given me. How could I ever be angry at a God who has blessed me beyond measure; beyond what I deserve? Just because of one thing in my life? Now that would be silly.

William is great at being sensitive to what I’m feeling. He asked me how I was doing as mothers day was approaching. I told him I was so thankful for the 12 years we had together. Better to have had 12 fabulous years than 50 mediocre years. Thank you Lord for 12 wonderful years.

The Party

It was amazing! Completely last-minute. William & I were both thinking of it, then finally said something to one another and we were so excited to plan and prep! We were giddy with anticipation. To celebrate what the Lord has given us. My husband. My son’s father. Living life together. I’m so thankful.

We were truly overwhelmed by how many of our wonderful friends and family popped by to give us hug, celebrate with us and have a margarita! It really is a humbling response to look around and realize how many people love and support us. As we hope to do for them. Of course, during the illness it was the same wonderfully, overwhelming response. The huge amount of support that came around us. But, this weekend, it was in celebration. Not grief. Praise be to God!

Thank for rejoicing with us! It’s easy to move on with life and forget how amazing our God really is. How he showed Himself in a very dynamic way last summer. His healing, restoration, answered prayers, support, grace and love. So, thanks for stopping for a moment to celebrate His glory!

A friend, Cathy, shared an announcement with the group. She heard the song titled What a Difference a Day Makes. She mentioned, on 5/4/11, we were unsure of William’s survival. A day later he wakes and after hearing nurse Tara say it’s 5/5/11, he proceeds to say “It’s Cinco de Mayo” and asks for a margarita. Cathy pointed out what he said showed right then and there, not only was God giving him back to us, his brain was active and working! I never thought of it that way. What a difference a day makes.


To all who couldn’t be there, you were missed! And, to my best friend, on the verge of tears because she couldn’t be here … Take a look. You were there for it all!!!

The Best Thing Going

I always talk about how much I love being home. No stretch from the truth. I really love it. Wouldn’t you know it? We had one of those days recently. I mean, one of those days. The mid- afternoon was about to hit. Boys are up from the nap. In my mind, I was putting on my armor. Rehearsing the lines … I can do this. I can do this!

I was telling the Lord how much I was longing for an iced coffee. Silly, right? I felt like it would help get me through.

Two minutes goes by and there’s a soft knock at my front door. My beautiful friend is standing there, holding the iced coffee. And, all I can think of is how richly the Lord has put in my life the blessings of friends. I was so happy. I was about to cry and melt as she gave me the biggest hug!


Sabbatical is defined as taking a rest from two months to a year. Therefore, I saw it fitting to use as the answer to “Where have you been?” That seems to be the question I’ve been asked lately by sweet people who love me. My responce, other than sabbatical, is, home. I’ve been home. I’ve been soaking in each minute with my babies and my loving husband. I’ve been focusing on time with Carter. I’ve been praying through some issues in my heart. I’ve been reevaluating priorities.

I knew at the beginning of the year the Lord was telling me to slow down. And, I listened. I needed lots of quiet time at home. Alone with my precious ones and the Lord. It’s been the sweetest three months. That’s not to say I’ve put locks on my door and did not socialize; untrue. I just went about it differently. More thoughtfully. More purposeful.

To some this will make perfect sense. To others, it’ll sound odd. Phrases like, “spending time with the Lord”, will make someone who doesn’t believe in Christ think the other is a little off kilter. But, I spend time with God because I love Him and have a relationship with the Creator who made you and me. So just as I spend time with my husband and close friends because we have a relationship. I, too, spend time with the Lord.

Then my best friend called and gave me a loving lecture. “It’s time to write again,” she said. She knows how much I love to write. I have a few outlets and this is one. Amidst having a blog, I can be very, very private. She encouraged me to be all God has made me to be regardless of criticism or fear of what some one person may think. I’m taking her advice like taking a bull by the horns! Love you, T!

Making a volcano!

Tot Time – Learning colors, Carter’s way.

Helping Mommy cook!

My Loves 

Perfection: Made by God.