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Monkey Sees & Trevor Does

It’s precious to watch how much Trevor copies, imitates and responds to Carter. Carter loves it because he gets to be the boss (for a minute or two.) I’m starting to see how the Lord is connecting their hearts to one another. And the impact praying has for their relationship as brothers and friends. Not only does praying help them but myself & William as well. It keeps me mindful of how to help steer them in how they treat one another. Growing deeper in the knowledge of the Lord and the scriptures He gave us gives wisdom.

The new obsession. Cartie’s “Jeep.”

Trevor following suit.

Each time Cartie whizzes by, Trev makes this shocked and excited face! Like, did you see that?! The world’s best jeep driver just passed by us!!! He sure is Cart’s biggest fan. We’ll be making signs soon and holding them up when Cart rides.

World’s Best Driver stopped for a snapshot. He litterally said “Take a picture, Momma!” Then after three shots, he was done posing and said, “No more pictures.” I think he’s funny!

Took a break to show baby bro how to get on the bike. What a sweet, helpful heart he has. “See Trev, do this….”