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fa-la-la-la…Christmas cards!

I get so excited to pick out “the” Christmas card to send out to all our friends and family. I don’t know about you but I could spend hours looking at different designs and wordings and layouts! I love it! That’s what mid November reminds me of. Some think about turkey, I think, what company I’m going to buy my cards from. Since we got married (2007), I’ve been using Shutterfly for just about everything (cards, photo cards, prints, enlargements, gifts, etc). I love how convenient their site is and I’ve always been satisfied with their work. So, it’s a no brainer to use them again this season. My new favorite type of card I’ll purchase this year is a 5×5 size. Look at them here: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards?sortType=2&foType=e&DCL=true&fe=16&lfoType=c&fc=1

Of course, a picture has to be on it. I love getting a card from others with pictures of kids, dogs, parents, vacations. I haven’t picked out “the” picture yet because I’m waiting for little Carter to get his first haircut! Here’s some links that’ll help. Happy card shopping!

Christmas cards                                                       http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards

 Personalized mugs (We got my Dad this gift last year and he loved it! Great grandparent gift)                                                            http://www.shutterfly.com/photo-gifts/photo-mugs

Christmas photo cards                                             http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards

 Holiday cards                                                             http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards


We Love Fall!

I love fall…the only thing we’re missing…I mean, really missing is fall leaves and with that, of course comes, color! Oh, how I wish…We’ve been having so much fun lately. Driving with the windows down, enjoying the gorgeous weather, visiting the pumpkin patch. Everything about this patch was great! The trees, the cutsie signs, the animals, pinecones, etc. I would love to live on a farm but I think I’d spend all my time making the fun signs that I wouldn’t be a good keeper of the land.

A Duck and A Dinosaur

Happy Halloween!!!!

Summer 2010

As every teacher does. In the beginning of the school year, I would lead the discussion of “what did you do this summer?” I loved hearing what my kiddos did. It gave me insight to what home life looks for them! Some traveled non-stop, some stayed home and watched tv, some got dropped at a friends, grandma’s, or the mall. Either way, I always made a big deal about how their summer was pretty cool no matter how filled or lonely it was!

So, as fall approaches (or so I hope), I thought it best to record some of my favorite events from this summer. (Actually, this list only includes events that I have pictures from. Without those, I wouldn’t remember what I did!)

We said goodbye to our front yard palm tree.


Celebrated my first Mothers Day!

Carter went to the zoo a few times and adventurously went fishing with Daddy.




 Worked in the yard and cooled off in the ducky pool! Experienced the fun of irrigation!


Learned how to mow the lawn.

Sat in a bucket. Learned how to clap.






Went to the Berger family reunion in St. Louis, MO.





We took a 22 hour road trip in 2 days to Lewiston, ID.


I so honored and excited to give a baby shower for my best friend, Tracy S with my adopted mom, Tracy G. Expecting her second child, a girl! We are so excited to meet the little sweetheart. The sad part of it was that I had to say goodbye that day since they’ve moved to Texas. I miss you Tracy. God used Tracy while she was in Phoenix to impact the lives of so many young girls. She’s been such a dedicated friend to many of us. The shower was just like her: meaningful, personal, & heart-felt. Of course, it was so much fun to watch her open gifts of tutu’s & bows!

Celebrated Carter’s First Birthday!



It was so hot, we often read books, played with doggy, and hung out with friends! We got to spend some great time with our cousins!

Carter wanted to look just like Daddy so we tried on his shoes. After being disobedient, Carter continued to taste the dog food only to find out…Mommy was right.












The only thing I want to write that keeps coming to mind is a song lyric: “Oh praise the One who paid my debt.”

So true – so beautiful. Jesus paid our debt so we can know him and spend eternity with him.

Tis the season to be jolly…

We had so much fun on Christmas! Carter was our little Santa in the cutest outfit possible!

Christmas Eve was filled with lots of laughs (especially during the nativity play … thank you, Grandma Bea!) Traditionally, Christmas Eve is always spent with Will’s side of the family. Lots of cousins & aunts & uncles. Previous to going there, we’ve made it a tradition to visit with our Goble family as well. We’re so blessed to have such wonderful people we can call family.

Christmas day is very sweet for us. We spend time with both of our immediate families. I love the goodness that comes from traditions. Especially, the things like, always knowing what’s for dinner on Christmas Eve … how we unwrap gifts together … and the hundreds of pictures we take!

Santa’s a rip off!

Seriously a rip off. Santa wanted $30 for a picture with my baby. Seriously … $30?! What have we come to? He’s suppossed to spread joy to all little boys & girls around the world! I’m not joyful to shell out $30 for a picture. Here’s how it all went down …

We were at the mall a couple days before Christmas. Found Santa’s workshop and waited in line. Got to the front to see the “price list.” It states … “Best Value: $30 package.” I’m sorry, but I only needed 1 picture to begin with. Why are you selling me more? So I went to talk to the lady just so I could buy my 1 picture. Nope, had to purchase the package.

Then, William says, “Let’s take Little C to Trader Joe’s Monday night.” Why you ask? Because they had Santa for free! And…you didn’t even have to bring your camera because they were taking pictures. Another reason to support T.J.’s!

I think next year William might be Santa for a nice chunk of change!

Here we are waiting in line … prior to seeing the price list.

Hohokom has a full belly!

It was such an amazing day! Our church has been meeting at Hohokom Elementary while we are looking for a building. Recently we’ve partnered with the school to help them out with needs of the community members. The most recent need is Christmas! Church members have donated food, time & money to fulfill Christmas needs!

The response was overwhelming. Both from our church as members gave & gave! And, from the families of the school for all the food they were receiving. This was a time, where language wasn’t a barrier. You could see & understand the families thankfulness!

Sitting in an unused classroom, watching parents come in and give thanks and accept their food, was such a gift. Another reason William blesses me with the gift of staying home with Carter is that, we get to help in moments like this.

Thanks to everyone at church for donating. Tiffany & Bob, Rod, Heath & Lisa…thanks for being an important part of putting this together!

60 turkeys were donated!

60 + bags of food for the week were also donated!

So the families received an entire Christmas dinner + groceries for the week. WOW!

The team that put it all together.