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Tot Time

I’ve been doing “Tot Time” with Carter since Trevor was born. I was figuring out how to get one on one time with him amidst having a newborn. It started to work beautifully!


tot time – parent-directed, child-led, fun, educational activity.

So, this is my definition of it. There is a momma who started it all and many mommy bloggers who follow her. So her website is packed full of information, ideas, and inspiration to get started.



We do tot time when Trevor takes a nap. It can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Carter feels so important when I give him that time. A ground rule is, when it’s not fun any longer, we stop and move on to the next thing I have planned. This isn’t drill sheets in school … it’s laid back time at home with mommy.  Remember, you can’t mess it up!

Here’s an example of our first tot time. Months ago, we were focusing on colors. I soon learned that for Carter to stay engaged and keep it fun, I had to follow his lead of how to learn colors. Simply naming the colors in the book wasn’t working for him. He was bored within ten seconds. So, when he was able to repeat the colors after me, or identify them on his own, he was able to “hammer” the colored page in the book. Literally with his hammer. Then we moved onto shapes, their colors, stacking and hammering, of course. Later we continued as he helped me with dinner. Talking about the colors of food and peeling orange carrots!

My goal is to keep him busy for an hour. That may include one activity or six! I’d encourage all you mommies (and daddies) to start somewhere with this. I made it sound so simple. Because, it is. It needs to be simple for my little guy. Some kids may want 10 sheets with colors, letters, and numbers…but that would drive my boy wild! So, instead, I work with him in what I can with mostly hands on stuff. The next post will be about hands on alphabet learning.