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The Much Anticipated Party

Preparing for the big day …


The day of the “Train Park Birthday” has finally arrived. All week long, Carter would tell us what “the Man” says: ALL ABOARD! And yet, it never got tiring hearing him yell those words. His excitment was so genuine. We would list all his friends by name that were coming and with each friends name, he would look at me with a great, big smile. This boy is one after my own heart. He treasures relationships!

The big smile face …

It all worked out so perfect and wonderfully. I asked the Lord that my boys would be blessed by each persons presence who was there. And they were. Look around, I could see that each person celebrating our babies really loved our family.  It was one of those days in which I could take note of the work of the Lord in our life. We work hard at maintaining healthly, loving relationships with those in our life and because of the Lord’s blessings, our boys are being blessed. And, it makes this momma’s heart, happy!

The boys were celebrated. Everyone had a blast. And we were blessed immeasurably! Thank you to all who were able to be there. We love you!

Group shot


A Year of Our Second Son

Happy Birthday, Trevor! You’re 1 year old! Wow … it’s amazing and slightly dizzying how quickly we’ve loved a year of our life as a family of four.

Trevor’s birthday to us will alway be a marker in time of God’s abundant graciousness. I remember after his birth (yet, again) being in awe of what God did last summer in our lives. I remember being in the recovery room, overwhelmed with emotion, thinking (yet, again) God didn’t have to give William back to us. He did and I’m forever thankful for the Lord’s love and graciousness to me. I remember the look of certain people’s eyes when they met Trevor. When they looked at me, William & Trev in the hospital because I knew in my heart, they were thinking the same thing … (Thank you Lord, for not making Jenet a single mom. Thank you for answered prayers.)

A final thought…

How does one go from a little package like this:

To a curly hair, melt my heart, cutie pie:

A Momma To Boys

I love being a momma to boys. Maybe it’s because I love everything about these pictures. I’m comfortable with mud and sticky slimy lizards. I love turning anything from a finger to a baby carrot into an instant hand gun. Because, well, you just never know when you’re going to need to shoot something! I love watching the ridiculous amount of jumping off stations Cartie finds and how baby Trev will watch with serious wonder and amazement. (“Ohh, if only my legs could do that” he thinks.)

Muddy days + lizard chasing

1 Month Old!

Everyone asks me who Trev looks like. I say Carter, they say me. What do you think? Here’s their brotherly, side by side, 1 month old, comparison.

If Trevie look’s big, it’s because he is!                                                                           Trevor’s 1 month stats:

  • height: 23 inches = 98%
  • weight: 12lb 12oz = 98%
  • head: 15.5 inches = 95%

As a friend said this week, “He’s a bruiser!”

And, finally…Trev will make serious eye contact. So during yesterday’s eye flirting time, he gave me the sweetest smile. Ahh…the Lord always knows what we need and is ready and willing to provide!

Chunky Baby Cheeks

Trev’s 10 day check-up:

  • 22 inches, height = 98%
  • 9lb 15oz = 75%
  • 14.5 inches, head size = 75%

This baby is so big! Carter is loving his little brother. He smothers him in kisses, hugs, and lots of “gentle” patting all day long. Cuddling with two sweet babies is pretty blissful!

I love my brother

Oh, the headphone??? It’s his new obsession…from morning to night, literally.

Sweet Baby Boy

Trevor Richard Simmons

August 6, 2011

9lb, 4oz

22 inches long

dark hair

dark eyes…gray today, turning blue

…sweeter than honey…we’re in love…


Big brother love

Our family of four.

Still praising God for his miracles in our life this year!


I just had to share this. I think it’s hilarious. Defanitley spot on with how I’m feeling! hehe


But here’s a real picture of our family of 3 before we become a family of 4!

And finally, Happy 4th! Here are the boys swimming together and watching fireworks. Also had to include this little picture of the 3 of us because I love the expression on Cartie’s face!