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Dwelling Post

Most reading this already know, I’ve opened an Etsy shop! Dwelling Post  Stop by and check it out! I love, love, love the products I make and am so happy others do too! Thanks to all who have been such great cheerleaders in my little endeavour!!!!

The name of the shop, Dwelling Post, was inspired by Psalms 91. The last three verses of this Psalms is what many of us prayed over William last summer as God was beginning to heal him. Here’s a link for Psalms 91.

We’ll talk soon!



Paper Sorter

I’m always getting flooded with paperwork! The second I organize I’m ten feet under again! So, here’s my new system for staying organized. I got this fabric a couple years ago because the red ticking fabric is so stinking cute! Total cost of the project was about $2. The models I was looking at buying, ah-hem, cost $20 and were plastic…yuck, plastic!

I’m showing this because I was inspired by a friend of mine to start showing my projects. Love you Amy!

Leave some feedback if ya want! Do you think this is going to help heavyweight paperwork stacks?!