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The Much Anticipated Party

Preparing for the big day …


The day of the “Train Park Birthday” has finally arrived. All week long, Carter would tell us what “the Man” says: ALL ABOARD! And yet, it never got tiring hearing him yell those words. His excitment was so genuine. We would list all his friends by name that were coming and with each friends name, he would look at me with a great, big smile. This boy is one after my own heart. He treasures relationships!

The big smile face …

It all worked out so perfect and wonderfully. I asked the Lord that my boys would be blessed by each persons presence who was there. And they were. Look around, I could see that each person celebrating our babies really loved our family.  It was one of those days in which I could take note of the work of the Lord in our life. We work hard at maintaining healthly, loving relationships with those in our life and because of the Lord’s blessings, our boys are being blessed. And, it makes this momma’s heart, happy!

The boys were celebrated. Everyone had a blast. And we were blessed immeasurably! Thank you to all who were able to be there. We love you!

Group shot


The Party

It was amazing! Completely last-minute. William & I were both thinking of it, then finally said something to one another and we were so excited to plan and prep! We were giddy with anticipation. To celebrate what the Lord has given us. My husband. My son’s father. Living life together. I’m so thankful.

We were truly overwhelmed by how many of our wonderful friends and family popped by to give us hug, celebrate with us and have a margarita! It really is a humbling response to look around and realize how many people love and support us. As we hope to do for them. Of course, during the illness it was the same wonderfully, overwhelming response. The huge amount of support that came around us. But, this weekend, it was in celebration. Not grief. Praise be to God!

Thank for rejoicing with us! It’s easy to move on with life and forget how amazing our God really is. How he showed Himself in a very dynamic way last summer. His healing, restoration, answered prayers, support, grace and love. So, thanks for stopping for a moment to celebrate His glory!

A friend, Cathy, shared an announcement with the group. She heard the song titled What a Difference a Day Makes. She mentioned, on 5/4/11, we were unsure of William’s survival. A day later he wakes and after hearing nurse Tara say it’s 5/5/11, he proceeds to say “It’s Cinco de Mayo” and asks for a margarita. Cathy pointed out what he said showed right then and there, not only was God giving him back to us, his brain was active and working! I never thought of it that way. What a difference a day makes.


To all who couldn’t be there, you were missed! And, to my best friend, on the verge of tears because she couldn’t be here … Take a look. You were there for it all!!!


I forgot to show the invitation. This is where it all starts, after all! Invitations were designed by Steph at iDesign. She is ridiculously talented and so helpful!! Thanks Steph!!


Amy’s Party

Amy + Friends

I was thrilled to throw a party for my friend, Amy. We’ve known them for almost two years now and the friendship between the four of us (six, really…but two had no say inthe matter), just clicked! Thank you Jesus, for my friends. So many of my friends have meant the world to me and touched my heart through their loving kindness. And, she is defanitley one of them!

So, moving on to the party. This was a celebration for her second baby. Immediatley, I fell in love with the theme “You Are My Sunshine.” Then, I kept asking the Lord to show me what would bless her and be meaningful to her. I dove right in to the teeny tiny details and remembered, love is in the details. I had a blast preparing for this!

I’m not a game person during showers. I’ve yet to have been forced to play a game at a shower that was actually enjoyable. Mainly because, I’d rather spend that time talking to everyone. So, back to the prayer…what would bless Amy? Getting ready to have a home of two little girls, it dawned on me, what else other than having our friends who have two girls to offer some wisdom, pieces of advice. Ending with a sweet message her husband to her as an encouragement. It all went P-E-R-F-E-C-T! The women who spoke were totally spot on!

I’m so happy with the way everything turned out. Some of the details…

Dessert Table



Baby Booties


Straw Flags




I love my Keurig






Well Wishing Station


Dessert Table

My favorite things to have for parties:

  • Keurig  Coffee Maker – everyone loved making their own cup!
  • Labels for everything food & drink. Coordinating with theme/colors.
  • Straw Flags. This was one of my favorite things. Since it was intimate (under 20), I was able to use our wine glasses and personalize with each ladies name on her straw flag. Fun!
  • MadLucy Paper was super helpful with the “You Are My Sunshine” banner.


Every lady received a prayer card to go home with and of course, a dessert bag to go! You didn’t think I wanted all those leftovers, did you?!

Goodbye Table

Pretty. Pink.

My friend, Liz, is having a baby girl. Her & hubby Jeff are naming her, Kensie Emily! What a sweet name! I was given the honor of hosting her baby shower. You have to see how pretty this shower turned out. Each shower I’ve done takes on a certain feel and this one took on the feel of: pretty, precious, sweet, girl, glamour…all those things we think of when we think baby girl.

Liz (& Jeff) – Thank you for letting us into your lives. You’ve been such great friends and we’re so excited to see how the Lord blesses you with your bundle of joy!

Carter’s 1st Party!

I’ve read in many places that a party starts with the invitation. Well, here you are.

I’m not big on party themes. I just love the celebration. So after I was asked many times what the theme was I just carried the colors of the invitations throughout the party. Now, as far as the invitations go, I did make these with a friend who was sweet to help. I originally found a design similar to this on Tiny Prints. They cost about $1.20 per invite. I love T.P. and have purchased from them before and still will just not as that price. So, the total cost for making our invitations was 23 cents per invitation!

William got the front deck built and ready. He worked like a crazy man from sun-up to sun-down with help along the way.

Greeted with a sign, enter the party.

I think birthdays should be a huge celebration! William thinks birthdays are just another day. So, I must thank my loving husband for supporting the party and being excited with me about all the little details.

And, of course the Happy Birthday, cake in the face tradition…

He wasn’t too thrilled about the whole idea at first, but ended up loving it!

Thank you to everyone who has been such a precious part of Carter’s life. We love you and are so thankful for the wonderful people surrounding us. Thanks also to Carter’s Aunt Katie, Grandma Bea, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Tracy, Joy C., and Daddy for all the help for the day of the party!